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Yes Dreams Come True
The Waking Ones often Do

Fears too Come True
The Sleeping Ones often Do

Each can be stifling to the other
Awakening within, the creator


This post is a contribution to ForgivingFridays on ForgivingConnect, for awakening is a process that happens where there is acceptance in our hearts.


53 thoughts on “Awakening

  1. You mean daydreams and the fears of nightmares that can strangle each other? Let’s just give daydreams more power and call them wish, desires and yearnings that accompany our everyday life and not only sweeten our dreams… it is a mean battle between wish and fear but it is up to us to assist our desires here.

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    • I am always so happy to have your reflections Anie. Yes waking dreams are our desires and yearnings and then there are some unconscious fears – the power of our desire can stifle the fear and sometimes the fears surface seemingly limiting our dreams. Both fuel what we create out of the play. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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      • I appreciate your clear view that you always seem to keep! In principle, it’s always about the same thing. It does not matter whether it is with ourselves, with our fellow human beings or the interactions between us and our fellow human beings. Wishes and fears in various forms and strengths … this is the game. In the end, without knowing what’s going on at all, one thing is for sure. When the wishes get more points than the our wishes come true and the fears maybe completely overcome. If the fears get more points, the wishes will not come true and we will continue to to hold on to the fears. Keeping this in mind we should just always stay positive and never feed the fears!

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  2. Oh what an incredible poem! Pragalbha, I am so touched that you contributed this for #ForgivingFridays. It is deep in my heart that forgiveness and acceptance are key to our awakening, and to expanding into our dreams. You brightened up my whole blog post!!!

    And I also love the simplicity and elegance of your message. It is a blessing, and so are you.
    I’ll share this on Friday! Many blessings, Debbie

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  4. It’s lovely seeing your poetry again! Your lines are so eloquent. We as the creator of our fears and dreams, can modify and change how they appear to be. I find, dreams and fears can work together, depending on how willing you are to take your fears and workout how they can make you better. 🙂

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    • I wonder if it is our own expectations, which we should extinguish or the expectations of others… on one hand I see how important it is to follow and find things deep inside our self, on the other hand there is so much importance to show others that there is a way to spread out what we self wish to get… and so we follow again our wishes and so our expectations?

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      • Anie I’m not sure if I understand you correctly but it is very difficult to change others expectations or show them our views … we need to first work on our own fears and expectations to make them more realistic …

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        • excuse me, it’s always hard for me to express myself in a foreign language but your answer was very good. We have to work on our fears. And “making our expectations more realistic” is exactly where I get stuck. Because my expectations are usually dependent on other people. And since I can never see the situations as these people, since the feeling is such a subjective experience, there is no realistic assessment.
          We reap what we seed, so I will never turn off my expectations and wishes, because that’s the only realistic / true thing I can stick to. The behavior of others can be a “show” and I would not presume to judge it …. I can be disappointed because my expectations were different and depending on how I these disappointments change myself, I will also change my expectations and chose my path.

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          • Yes, you understood well Anie, your English is very good!
            Others often do have very unrealistic expectations about us … best to stick to our own and work on them because we can’t change others anyway 🙂

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            • You are right the best way is always if everyone works on himself… so global we would have a much better world, but I think we never should forget that living is a social things and of course we always will influence others and also their expectations… treat someone bad or ignore him and he will be blessed an in worse case this person will nothing nor expect from others… on the other side, show people how much you care an love them and they feel beloved and will in best case forget bad experiences they made in the past….

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  5. Thank you! I know that my view is often very naively and I still have to learn a lot… I want to believe that people who stay near want to be part of my life because they love me not to hurt me or get some profit… and this is the only way I can live my life… I think… so I behave the same…I stay close if I want to be part and I let go if I do not want to be part of…

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