Letting Go

Let Go

Photo Credit: Manish Doshi @ Death Valley, CA

I am thinking whether to add thoughts to the above quote
Or let go of that need
To say more…

I am thinking of sharing how rich it has been to become slow
Or let go of that need
To say more …

I am thinking of sharing how finally I am able to rest in my Being
Or let go of that need
To say more …

I am thinking of sharing how much more is getting done now
Or let go of that need
To say more …

I am thinking of sharing how amazing it is to choose & enjoy just one thing at a time
Or let go of that need
To say more …

I am thinking I want to say it all, yet wish to just be the Silence, Slowness, Space
Let go of that need
To say more …

I am thinking, writing, wording, and also Being the Silence & Space
I let go of the need
To be or do anything other than what I am right now.


P.S. This post is a grateful contribution to ForgivingFridays, an amazing initiative by Debbie Roth of Forgiving Connects.


67 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. Pragal, I appreciate this for all that it is. It is definitely timely. I love the following lines and the ending line too:

    “I am thinking of sharing how much more is getting done now
    Or let go of that need
    To say more …

    I am thinking of sharing how amazing it is to choose and enjoy just one thing at a time
    Or let go of that need
    To say more …”

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  2. The more you say, the more you feel the need to explain, to define, and to show, the more crowding it becomes. There is no room left in art for everyone to find their own history and experiences in it. In the social contacts it narrows or suggests the own view of things. But here, I think it’s great that you did not let go of the need and wrote us this poetry. For silence and hush can say more and do well, but communication and creating can also soothe, delight, help and heal.

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    • I am absolutely thrilled to have this response from you Anie.
      “great that you did not let go of the need and wrote us this poetry” – you truly got me here πŸ™‚ Your last sentence is so perfect and meaningful. Thank you very much my friend!

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  3. IΒ΄m really happy and proud of your feedback, Pragalmha!!! As I wrote my comment, I thought that I just cannot condense the things I want to say…and I had the wish to say nothing, if I cannot condense….but then I told myself, I will learn this one day. As I will learn just to let go of the need to say something in some situations( to say more…; )..or just because there are things which just should not be said.

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    • You are my finest inspiration to be able to arrive in this space. It is a new feeling for me and it is truly delicious. I have always had a lot to say …even in this post I couldn’t let go completely.
      “say it briefly and let it stand” I am going to take this as a reminder for me moving forward πŸ™‚

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  4. Oh Pragalbha, this is beautiful! Would you like to share this post for ForgivingFridays? To me, your quote and poem / reflection illustrate the gorgeous awareness of knowing that we are all that we seek. And that it is all here now.

    Either way, thank you for the beauty. Much love, Debbie

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  5. You really have a magically way with words….

    I think creating space, letting go of all sorts of things is the most freeing charitable action we do for ourselves. Letting go is soooooo important and soooo healing.

    Beautiful post as ever.

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  6. How your words deeply affected me. Why? My Soul it seems is longing to be free, free to fly to flow to BE. Life has a tendency of weighing down, making one heavy, making one question … what is the point here? Of late, the yearning of BEing in a forest, on my bike, in my gardens, becoming the Wind, the Air, the Sun, the Blue Sky is all I want. Upon waking knowing what lies ahead of me that day, my Soul sighs and just wants to fly, freely, unencumbered, to flow with the Current of Breath.
    I also see you are understanding when we do slow down, we accomplish more. Logistically that makes no sense yet it is true. Your words stay with me today, dear Prag, as I again shift and seek ways in which to find Balance of Fluidity. Bless you for the talent that opens a door within me to assist me with my own life. πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

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    • My heart smiles with the happiness your words dear Amy πŸ™‚ You my friend know the beauty of existence like no other. It took me a while to let go of even that longing that you talk about. Just Being where I am and allowing the flow is such a delicious gift. I can finally sit back and allow and receive. I am grateful while it lasts, for I know something else I have asked for might shake me πŸ™‚ Thank you for your loving appreciation and blessings for me. Wish you Ease, Joy and Love on this journey.

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  7. Loved those words Pragalbha, when we learn there really is no need to say more, and soak in the peace of our own company, and relinquish guilt for not keeping up to the pace others think we should.. When we step into our Own BE-ingness and bask in the Silence of doing Nothing.. We LET GO of Needing, And just enjoy BE-ing..

    LOVE and Blessings.. So enjoyed my weekly catch up here dear friend.. A Joy to read your words.. ❀

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    • Your kind visit always leaves me with a beautiful feeling of affirmation dear Sue. You have been a significant inspiration for me to stay guilt-free in my time away from this space and being with myself as much required, though there is always a recurring thought of how I need to be back on WP. Your words above me support me. Thank you very much.

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  9. I’m so blessed to find the words I need to read today…this lovely poem is one of your best…I can feel the peace and spaciousness in your words, I’m taking some cleansing breaths as I write you this note, Pragalbha!

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