The Beauty of Disruption


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When a surging flow of life seems to be disrupted,
Because of an un-event that was unexpected,
There is a space that is opened up for a rich listening in …
To every message that has been missed out on.

When you become willing to pause in that space
Deeply nourish yourself with simply being,
Precious awareness of fulfilled desires starts unfolding.
They may not feel the grandest dreams come true …
If you look closely you will find
Simple moments that were a dream for longest time.

Enjoy them, relish them …
If you go in distress over the disrupt
You shut yourself off from your own magical moments coming true.
If you look closely you will find
The very thing that disrupted your current momentum
Has made space for something that you had earnestly yearned.

Receive it fully …
Along with the faith that your current dream
Is now on its way to you.
If you look closely you will find
The surge of momentum had actually affected your ability
To receive some divine guidance withΒ subtlety.

The surge worked to steer you strongly,
The disruption worked to create space
To help you settle in that direction,
You now move ahead with your trust, faith and intentions
Towards your dreams, desires and compulsions
With the subtle guidance of your own knowing.

In the space created with the disruption there is richness
of all that you have ever asked for.
Receive, relish, nourish, and become ready
For fresh beginnings in calmer tides of life.


72 thoughts on “The Beauty of Disruption

  1. Beautiful, inspiring words Ma’am. I loved the lines

    When you become willing to pause in that space
    Deeply nourish yourself with simply being…

    Because sometimes in the chaos all we need is a pause and look inside.

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  2. Oh, that’s a very consoling truth again. Thank you Pragalbha!
    A life without disruption, which goes perfectly to plan is certainly very pleasant and routine creates confidence and self-confidence. However, does this perhaps reduce the likelihood of noticing other, maybe higher truths? Disruption means questioning and questioning means pausing and rethinking.

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    • I am so glad you find it a consoling Truth dear Anie. Sometimes disruption is not from our willing choice. It is the events that happen that seem to interrupt a flow we are in. It is there that we need to willingly pause and notice. I believe that cultivates true confidence. There is no life possible that is always pleasant and same routine. Though we attempt to cultivate it, often unexpected things happen.

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  3. This… reading it is like listening to an elder who has lived life to its fullest:

    “To help you settle in that direction,
    You now move ahead with your trust, faith and intentions
    Towards your dreams, desires and compulsions
    With the subtle guidance of your own knowing.

    In the space created with the disruption there is richness
    of all that you have ever asked for.
    Receive, relish, nourish, and become ready
    For fresh beginnings in calmer tides of life.”

    Moving and apt advice, Pragal.

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  4. “The very thing that disrupted your current momentum
    Has made space for something that you had earnestly yearned.”

    Whoever thinks this is not true is denying what they have themselves experienced. They just need to think logically

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    • Those lines convey the whole post, thank you for bringing them back Arya!
      It certainly takes being deeply present to their experience to know this truth. Many do live in denial and escapism.


  5. Not sure what un-event is because all that happen have meaning if we have eyes and Heart to see. LOVE the way you describe how destruction sometimes leads to New Beginnings. For it is the Universe’s Way of eliminating that which is no longer functional in order to make room for New to come in. When the teacup is full, there is no more room to continue pouring. Yet when the teacup is partially full, it is only then more tea can be added. Very awesome imagery and message. LOVED your image!! Thank you, Pragalbha! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

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    • I used the word un-event because what we look at it as a major event is actually just a part of the continuum. Indeed with the right eyes and Heart to see there is so much being cleared and so many gems offered in that space.
      I feel so humbled and happy that you liked my image Amy πŸ™‚ It was a casual click on a trail, sometime last year. It came to mind when I was looking for a picture for this post. I tried my no-skills at editing …tinkering with it until it just looked right.
      Thank you ever so much for being here my friend!

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  6. Disruption is desirable away from a ‘ routine repeats syndrome ‘ The way to experiment whole new things or find a ‘ new you ‘ cruising along the different currents . It may also pave the way for accepting the transitoriness of the set patterns or gracefully acknowledging HIS designs choose carefully for us. In any case the space to explore & transcend ahead always prevail! So nicely stated by you Pragalbha. Lovely write.

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  7. This is exactly what I needed today: this reminder. I had one of those unexpected unevents yesterday, and I became completely distressed over it and allowed it to disrupt the whole rest of my day. I decided today, “I don’t want to do that again.” This is exactly the attitude I need for such events. Thank you, Friend.

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    • You gave me a smile from the depths of my heart! πŸ™‚ Such happiness and contentment to know this reached you in perfect timing. I needed to know if this is serving someone because the inspiration to post this was an unusual kind. Thank you for letting me know πŸ™‚


  8. Loved this Pragalbha!

    I don’t know what the inspiration was behind this, but it speaks to me personally in that my recent dream, which you have already read, presents a major disruption that set me on a better path.

    Life has an ebb and flow to it. If we automatically reached everything we set our mind on, the subtle nuances would never be picked up. The disruptions are often perfection of the process and not hindrances. They make the reward that much greater, richer, and more fulfilled.

    I like your thoughts of adding space to the process, time to reassess and move forward with greater ease and understanding. Much of what we learn in these disruptions are pushes into a new environment, a new reality, where the things of this life are not so much hindrances as they are guidance.

    The whole universe conspires to make us our very best version if we have the patience and grace to receive it.

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    • Yes, I am amazed to see the congruent elements of your dream and this post.
      This post is in fact one my old drafts saved from about an year ago. It was an intense experience through which many revelations came and writing it out helped me process and better understand it.
      This draft kept coming to my mind as if asking to be posted. Personally timing didn’t feel right because my energy is different now but this writing strongly wanted to be posted. I trusted that it was going to serve a purpose for someone for whom this needs to go out now. And contentment came when readers commented of perfect timing.
      I think some of the stuff in my life right now can look like disruption but in my perspective they are tremendous shifts so my energy doesn’t relate to this writing very intimately right now. I am in complete agreement with your reflection that most things in life are not hindrance but actually guidance.
      I also see the resonance how some of my life events are an absolute surprise like how your dream seems. It shows me how sometimes I live as if, because I listen so intently I will always be in the comfortable knowing of how things will unfold. It is so humbling time and again to find out something so much greater is at work, and it is amazing how things unfold in unimagined ways. Your last statement says this perfectly!

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  9. It’s so nice to see one of your beautiful poems again! Disruption shouldn’t been seen as a negative, because it brings space and opportunity to reflect on our current paths. Strong food for thought with this piece, and it’s something I’m going to think about now, when I unexpected events appear.

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  10. The paradox in the title, speaks volume of the subject you have covered with finesse and this is precisely what life is all about and we miss the essence of living by fighting and contesting these contradictions. The ups and downs, the good and the bad, the order and the chaos are what makes us move on the journey of life and we cannot keep one aspect away from the other that’s how the nature as been designed and tests our ability to align and embraces those duality in its appropriate perspective.

    The order can only come when there is chaos in system and the light has its importance when there is darkness in the surrounding, and we want harmony in life because there is disruption that apparently affects our thinking and working…as beautifully pointed by you, it creates a space for us and it generates an opportunity for us to take a step forward and a get a lift in life but we perceive it otherwise and we become disturbed and we resist and we hold onto the current state of depleted order when we have a bigger and better order waiting for us and making life better and more beautiful…willing to pause in that space and nourishing and cherishing those disorderly moments and suddenly we all realize that those were momentary in nature and we have unnecessarily panicked and have fettered the opportunity given to us in the form of a challenge.

    Thanks so much for sharing and it is indeed a profoundly thought provoking and beautiful piece of message.

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    • Your review of this aspect of our existence is so perfectly distilled! I loved how you began your response with noticing the paradox in the title πŸ™‚
      Rising above the polarity of good-bad, order-chaos can indeed open us up for possibilities with lot more ease.
      I truly appreciate your kind visit and thoughtful response, thank you!

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  11. That is a reminder, Pragalbha, and an important one. Yes, we all do it, shut ourselves out and let worry and anxiety to overpower our being, our thoughts and ourselves in its entirety, but miss the message that becomes the learning. Often, long after I have made peace with the incident, I look at it from a different angle – a hawk’s view of the situation, and that is when I pick up the messages, the lessons that I have missed, that I simply refused to see.
    Beautifully scripted,Pragalbha.

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    • hawk’s view of the situation – I loved how you said this. Hindsight is so much easier with clarity. It takes a certain resilience to rise above the worry and anxiety while in the midst of it all. Thank you my friend, Much Love.


  12. I fully endorse your words here my friend. Often we are thrust amid confusion and chaotic events beyond our control. At the time we ponder upon them as to why? And yet often these awakenings prove to aid our strength in overcoming them and allowing us to grow inner strength we may otherwise never have encountered..
    So I feel each disruption no matter how turbulent serves us in the long run..

    I know from my own personal journey how when we are in the midst of chaos we do not see the learning we gain.. It is not until perhaps even at times years later we look back and see that these events were a turning point in our lives that catapulted us perhaps to make new choices and different pathways which we may not have taken had the chaotic events made us alter course.

    A wonderful poetic journey you presented, One dear Pragalgha that I too can totally relate, especially about the KNOWING.. For we do indeed ‘Feel’ deep within, it is something words alone can not describe..

    Love and Blessings dear friend..
    Love Sue ❀

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