Writing – a Journey of my Life


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I have returned from my break absolutely inspired and pregnant with messages from the ocean and the sky. I am very eager to share them with you all, yet I am feeling uninspired to go through the process of making it into a post immediately. As if I want to steep in the experience a bit more and have the juices of the interaction with the ocean flow through my veins as if all mine. The message to become part of my Being. I can’t wait to get past this stage, pick it up from where I left off in my last post, before this deliciousness set in. I am giving myself permission to indulge in this space for a bit more.

I do want to have this following conversation with You.

How I became a writer is sort of an astonishing accident to me. I remember where I was and exactly the moment some words came to me and I was ‘forced’ to have those words typed. What came as completed looked like a poem to me. I was thrilled and absolutely scared at the same time. And more came and one more came. I was terrified. I sent them one by one to trusted friends, asked them if the words meant anything to them. I was so accustomed to living the surface level life (read turmoil) that this expression from the depth of my being felt alien to me.

It took me tremendous courage to begin sharing them publicly, as if baring my soul naked to be judged or accepted. I needed the kind approval from a trusted friend and sometimes my husband to hold my hand while I hit publish with the other. My heart raced a thousand miles an hour before the first like, the first kind comment came in, as a seal of approval for my eligibility to continue being whatever I was in this world of existence.

After each poem I often thought surely it was the last one, and looking around I always wondered where is this coming from? I just became insanely uncomfortable at times as if choking on words or tears and then it just became necessary to type all that needed to come. Often I typed words I did not know, looked up its meaning to find out it meant exactly what I needed it to mean and rhyme in the poem. Sometimes I made up words not in the dictionary, and they conveyed the right meaning. As some generous reflections and appreciation came as responses, I was utterly grateful as I was sure every time it was my last poem. The authentic exchange of perspectives and heartfelt interactions helped me thrive, grow, flourish and nourish my being.  In less than 6 months on WordPress I was amazed beyond measure at how a genuine word, true expression and pure intent becomes evident through words alone.

It got unstoppable. The poems, the prose, all came as these intense surges just wanting a place to land. I made a commitment to keep reading other writers because of what gift it was when they read me. Each one putting their attention and time on my work had my deepest gratitude that I earnestly conveyed through truthful response to their comments. I was able to post way less than I was writing personally. Drafts and drafts of different inspirations and topics that begged to be expressed have piled up to be published in some form or the other.

For almost 3 years now I have published 2 or 3 times a week, except about 3 breaks of a week to 3 weeks. Every single day reading other writers on different platforms and interacting through comments. The numeric growth of my blog followers and readers has been very slow compared to some others but my personal growth has been enormously satisfactory.

Until some months ago, I did not have mind space for adding pictures to my posts.  Slowly it started dawning on me that there were pictures taken by my photographer friends and those by my husband that spoke the words I wrote. None are ever clicked with a plan to go with my post. It is meditative and miraculous to me in how perfectly they choose to come together.

The emotional intensity from which my poems came have found a balance, my personality has changed quite a bit. I opened up to new strengths in my being. I have owned myself as a writer by now. I am going through a huge personal shift. I still have countless drafts and some unpublished poems and ideas for creating quote images. I feel immersed in this space of inspiration where I am soaking in some new energies and do not seem to have the mind space, energy and time to publish all that I know is waiting to be published. If you recognize this and have any advice for me, I am all ears. And if my sharing has helped you in any way then it is my privilege to be a channel that serves a purpose.

None of this was possible for me without You my friend. You know what you have done for me by being here for me and reading my words and responding. My utmost gratitude for that and our continued interactions and conversations.


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88 thoughts on “Writing – a Journey of my Life

  1. You have had an awesome and beautiful journey so far dear. Welcome back here!
    Your words are inspiring and gorgeous to all of your readers, you do inspire a lot.

    And congrats on such a soulful journey. Have a great day ahead dearie.
    Much love ❤️❤️

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  2. How I feel your Heart, your Essence in these words! How extraordinary a Journey you have had! I understand completely for it is as though an unstoppable Source within is orchestrating what is created. Perhaps you are actually allowing something to come pouring in that connects to your fingers urging you to type, to write …. either that or explode. That happens to me so I get it. The pictures as well … no intention when they are taken as just caught up in the Moment I am. Then suddenly words come so perfectly. I think you are doing an outstanding job both here on WP and in your own personal life, for I have witnessed great growth in you. The caterpillar is morphing into a beautiful Butterfly!

    I have no advice to give except to follow your Heart and no other. What to do, how to do it, where to go, what to publish, what not to publish. Only YOU know. Oh yes there will be periods of Silences as if the words themselves have stopped. That is just another growing phase, another change. What you are doing right now, soaking in the Complete Experience will not be ready for anyone else to experience until your Heart guides you to share those Experiences. Huge transformations and changes …. just go for the Ride.

    I “feel” you. I recognize myself in you. For we are One. (((HUGS))) Amy🌹

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    • Dearest Amy you give me such happy tears whenever you do and I love it 🙂 Your words – either that or explode – is exactly what I have said and felt – the enormity of these experiences is difficult to grasp with our human brains. You fill me with precious space – to know that you GET this truly and wholly! You have continually extended this nurturing support to my growth, my journey and my confidence ahead. You describe exactly every aspect of this and empower me to follow my heart. We Are One – it warms my heart newly each time. Much Gratitude and Much Love.

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      • My friend, there have been times I have no idea where the words come from but if I don’t write them, I will loose them, that I do know. I’m honored by the process, one that I fully don’t understand myself but which I know to be true. The form of my reception has changed and even though I seem so quiet within, I have “learned” not to worry or panic. I’m just really right now “feeling” the multiple deaths I experienced 6 months ago, and in so doing, my “words” have become very quiet, non-existent, giving me space to come to Acceptance. Yet when I sit down to type when the urge to do a post is upon me, the words flow of their own volition. Again different. I used to write longhand as the words came. Now it seems the words do not come unless I am at my keyboard …. and then my fingers begin even when my head “hears nothing”. It is so hard to explain. Just expect changes and don’t get upset about it. I have this “calm” that I know beyond all doubt that when I am pointed at my keyboard the words come …. like now. I don’t question, I don’t think …. they come. Now my poetry works differently altogether. LOL Complex and complicated yet all so simple.

        And of course I will extend encouragement your way! I wouldn’t have it any other way. I struggled along this Path alone, with no guidance except for my Inner Guidance and to be able to reach you in understanding is such pleasure to me! To know we can share and I can assist you is awesome! I don’t feel so alone so “misunderstood” or “afraid” to admit that these things happen. They do. They just do!

        Yes we are One! I feel the same!! I hold so much Gratitude that you have come into my life. Thank you for “hearing” me when so many do not. This Connection is precious!! (((HUGS))) 💝

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        • I would like to go DITTO DITTO on each and every word you say and describe and yet we both know how unexplainable all of it feels after using all words 🙂 One thing definitely I want to repeat as you say is – I don’t feel so alone so “misunderstood” or “afraid’ anymore -I am past that feeling and I owe it to interactions like ours! I dreamed of a ‘web of connections that we weave to hold each other up’ always I think, and I am as proud as grateful for what has come our way and that we have created exactly that, in this virtual world so much more real to me in some ways than the real world. Precious Precious simply Precious!!!!

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    • I feel absolutely blessed and blissed too Mag. Thank you for being here, truly!
      P.S. I noticed a question you asked on NWA (regarding covering up new realities)and realized that my comment in response was on similar lines to probably answer your question in my perspective. If you get a chance please check and let me know if I am close or on a different track of thought.

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  3. Thank you for sharing this with us Pragalbha 💜 It has been a joy to witness how your writing has evolved and all I can say is go with the flow and keep it natural at a pace that feels comfortable for you. Enjoy your weekend and your messages from the ocean and the sky 🤗💖 xxx

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  4. You are so elegant in your writting. I regard you as an advance writter and blogger. I feel what you feel in this post to some degree. I feel for my self i struggle to write, i feel i repeat, and unlike you i not always buzzing with posts to write. But i love sharing my learnings in life because i then learn more.

    I love your work and always enjoy reading your posts and i learn a lot from you about blogging and writting.

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  5. I can very well relate to many instances from your soulful journey as I was in the same boat. Believe it or not, I took 3 years to publish my first blog after opening a wordpress account.
    Your posts have often times come as messages in my life and messages come in different forms. Thank you for that. And I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. Wishing you all the best 👍

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    • Deepika it makes me absolutely happy to know how you relate, it is indeed such a courageous step into a new way of Being. I am grateful that my posts carried timely messages for you. I have always felt positive energy and connection with your work. Thank you for your wishes 🙂

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  6. Aw I’m also grateful to that person whom has been a constant for you. Many of your poems have really moved me and to read how much you have embraced yourself as a writer is inspiring. Always wishing you the best!

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  7. What a Journey Pragalbha,, One that I can so relate to.. Having poetry flow through us, I often read back my poems I write in my journal upon waking up in the middle of the night, Knowing I should write, but not having a clue upon what. And the words would come.. Never falter in their rhyme with me never needing to alter a word..
    I would look back and wonder as I re read, Thinking Did I really write these words? .. To that answer, Yes we did, all be it we are inspired by a greater Being to channel words that need to be spoken..
    I can also understand your need of peace and reflection.. during this same time frame, I have been adrift in my own creative space, as I put down my pen, to pick up my brushes.. And I have been so reluctant to reconnect back into the world of the web..
    Preferring Silence and my garden.. As I work with the soil and plants, and meditate in nature..

    I am happy you are feeling the need to share, but that you are also being mindful of how you step back into our world of blog..
    I remember well when I first dared share my poetry,, The Journey is one of Self Discovery.. The deeper we go into ones self, the wiser we become.. Sharing what we have come to understand is often difficult to express into Words.. For Our Knowing goes deeper than most..

    Sending HUGE hugs, my wise friend.. I know your steps will stride great distances now those first steps have been overcome..
    Love and Blessings Pragalbha..
    Sue ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • You are a very generous soul Sue, your comment is such a huge gift of resonance to me. It is to you that I owe a lot of my ability to mindfully stay away from the blog world if that is what is needed, and not overthink this. It can get confusing for me to understand that in spite of having drafts available to post why I just don’t want to. You modeled the choice and need for the space of our own very well.
      You bring a lot of assuring perspective to this life with all the Knowing we open up to. It has become much easier now that I have learned to rest in my own Knowing and wait for the prompts to make a choice. I am not yet the best at it maybe but better than ever before. Your wishes and confidence in me empowers me. Thank you very much dear Sue, truly and humbly.

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      • You have to stay true to yourself Pragalbha, And often I can do battle with myself.. But sometimes we have to choose self over others to preserve our Peace of Mind..
        When we are on this journey, we have to TRUST… Trust your own intuitive skills to guide you..
        I have three drafts in my blog, things I have written.. Yet still they sit.. I sometimes just want Silence.. PEACE and my garden.. I know if I post, like I did Gaia and Earth day, I have to spend time on my blog.. Away from Nature and the calling of the Sun, So sometimes I also choose to close comments.. So that too is an option and a choice..
        You will find the balance that you need.. Remember not to take on guilt.. I used to feel guilty for neglecting blogs.. But I know I have to pour more energy into my well being.. And I try my best to balance both worlds..
        Sending HUGE hugs and a Happy Earth Day.. ❤

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  8. Your posts and comments come from a place deep within, a place of communion with the Infinite as your blog’s name so aptly points out.

    I’ve always enjoyed your thoughts. Your depth caught my attention when we both were starting out. It’s been a pleasure to have this conversation. You are a writer, and a good one at that, expressing many things that only a few perceive. For that I am grateful.

    Blog numbers? It’s not an issue. The crowds don’t generally surf these depths, preferring to stay close to the surface. Quality is the issue, and you swim in circles where quality is appreciated. Long after the surface surfers have gone, you will be remembered, probably in greater and greater circles as more find and appreciate the depth you express from within.

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    • What you offer and contribute to me is tremendous and my Gratitude for that and you is infinite. I feel the solidity of assurance and support in your words. I went through a phase of feeling I don’t belong anywhere here or there, will never be understood, yet so much wanted to explode out of me that I made lofty dreams of making tv shows of some sorts and scream my inspirations through every channel. I wasn’t arrogant, I just felt that if enough people heard me they will know there is a choice to suffering. It is conversations like ours that grounded me and helped me realize I am not alone in this. I will keep going, of that I am very sure now. THANK YOU.

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      • I know the feeling you are expressing perfectly. No, it’s not arrogance, it’s just a very strong desire that people would see that life isn’t/doesn’t have to be the hard way it is usually expressed.

        Thanks for sharing the time here. It’s always a pleasure to converse. You are welcome!

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  9. The synchronicity of your lovely photographs and words are a joy to read…I love the beautiful ocean and the sand that I can walk upon…savour your experiences and when you’re ready, I look forward to reading those words that will make themselves known.

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  10. I am out of time almost every night after I work many hours and yet, my blog and friends beckon me to read and write.
    I used to write for two or more years without any pictures! I want to write and share but I know my mind needs to rest every night. ✨ 🌌 🌠 Pragal ~ you do what you feel capable and rest. Peace be with you, 🌹 Robin

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  11. Poetry is such a deep form of writing and I remember the fear that would come over when even a friend would read a poem. I never actually show my family. You do have tremendous courage and I’m so grateful you have found that and continued to post.
    My advice is to not get caught up in the amount and simply go with your feelings. I believe when you consider your current state of mind and ask the direction you’re in, you’ll notice which words you want to share. 🙂

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  12. I can relate with you. Having the fear of being judged I would write private notes to self and write in my diary but took a leap of faith to write on this platform. Although a writer may work in private, a writer is never alone. Your words/prose has influenced and touched me more ways than you know. Grateful that our paths crossed. Stay humbled and be blessed on this magnificent journey.

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  13. As I read your words my feelings/experiences ran alongside, parallel. My journey started long before ‘blog’ was ever a thought let along a ‘thing’ to do. And it will continue on …. surely with more changes to come. Thank you Infinite.

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  14. Lovely heart … how coincidental that I am also vacationing in the tropics and enjoying contemplative moments and ocean vistas. My blog has been stagnating and my thoughts gently percolating. Nice for a change.
    Such a delight then to come online and read such a thoughtful essay from you. And how phenomenal is the writing the pours from our inner selves: often unrecognized like some errant child.
    You are one of my favourites sweet lady. ❤️

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    • You have been on my mind while you were gone, I wouldn’t say I missed you because I believe I must have thought of you when you were having your best moments in the quietness. I am grateful you were able to get this gift away and I receive the richness of your words on your return.
      I love the term errant child 🙂 how precious that we have this playground where we play our words. Thank you dear Diana for your thoughtful visit with much Love.


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