Life Flow

Life Flow1

Photo Credit : Manish Doshi

It was beautiful to watch this clear stream of water flow and merge in to the waves of ocean. It had traveled from a distance afar, its source not directly visible from this place. As the stream of water became part of the ocean, stopped existing by itself, did it just become more alive?

Each awareness of my merging with the infinite intelligence of Life itself, I stop existing by myself and just become more alive.


P.S. I have to say it again how much I am loving making these photo images, and you my friends have kept me going with your kind words on the previous ones!

P. P. S. The ocean is calling me and I am takingΒ  4-5 days off on all platforms. I will get back with any messages of inspiration from the seas and the sky, I am hoping for a few good conversations πŸ™‚ Once back I will eagerly catch up on all that I missed from my favorite writers!


47 thoughts on “Life Flow

  1. Each awareness of my merging with the infinite intelligence of Life itself, I stop existing by myself and just become more alive…..That is so beautiful.
    I feel this way when I see an ocean… πŸ™‚

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  2. Lately I’ve been experimenting with embodying the Infinite, its will, and its purpose. I find that when I do this, the energy that comes through me in a stream, goes out as the ocean, effecting the whole of humanity. This is what I think of when I read the words you’ve spoken above.

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    • Your reflection gives me this feeling – that this writing has come through me from a place that always holds me in awe, that I cannot claim or own, I am a mere channel that can perceive this knowing – and what you say once again has my human mind in awe of your ability to perceive that space, its purpose and intent and connect me to that space much more expansively. I haven’t yet realized or acknowledged my own abilities in the direction you are pointing. Somehow I can feel the shift has begun already.
      I don’t know if I made sense. Thank you very much for the space you create.

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      • I think you’ve perceived all of this correctly. A channel holds a current that has the ability to expand and intermix with everything until it ether loses itself or completely encompasses the all. Sometimes both. Perhaps you are in this place, seeking it at the ocean. Perhaps it is becoming acknowledged within, much like sunrise at dawn.

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  3. The last line is very powerful and true. I can’t wait for you to be inspired and to get back and share what the ocean and the sky whispered to you. Be blessed.

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  4. It takes some time, some strong personal experiences and some maturity, for a person to reach this blissful state of being. And when you attain it, you realise that it’s the only way to be! Lovely poem, Pragal.

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