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Creating these quote images has become as if my new poetry. Inspiration comes to me in short snippets nowadays instead of poetic rhythm or lengthy prose. My thoughts then go through my mind lanes leading me to find photos clicked by my husband or photographer friends that I collaborate with – to find an image that speaks the emotion behind my inspiration.

Reverse process happened with the image above. My friend and photographer Vikram Phale sent me some pictures he took on his weekend getaway with his family. And this picture of the sky just astounded me. I spent few minutes intently looking at the picture and the words that came are the quote you see.

Thank you friends for getting me excited in this new creativity with your appreciation for my previous quote images and encouraging me to make more.


P.S. I wish to share with you a blog that has been nourishing me with confirmations of my spiritual perspectives on everything related to our existence. I have felt more confidence in how I perceive and live this process called Life, with my regular interactions with the author of this blog through his deeply profound posts. Here is the link for you :




79 thoughts on “Clarity

  1. Hi Pragalbha,

    Couldn’t miss this one as your link appeared in my mentions. Love the title and picture.

    Those copper coloured clouds are showing up frequently lately. This picture is brilliant example. This copper colouring has a happened several times in history during shifts in consciousness. It is one of the surest signs of it, and you caught the essence with your quote. That’s amazing!

    I’m glad you’re liking this new avenue of communication. I have to say you’re good at it. It’s nice you involve others with their talents too.

    Awesome post, and you’re link is very appreciated.

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    • Thank you yet again for confirming my perspective and inspiration of what this picture conveyed to me :)`It is always a boost to me.
      You are very welcome for having your link to this post. I did not plan on writing anything with this image. Words just came spontaneously to share and so did the P.S. with your link …This whole post was as if seamlessly prompted from within, I had to read back to see what was written. This is how poetry used to happen …

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      • That’s very interesting. The pictures with your posts have always been good, but this takes it to another level. This clarity is making these pics come alive. You’ve produced spontaneity, in a good way of course. …The within and the without in unison.

        In poetry the message is often hidden, but in these word pictures, it is out in the open.

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        • Your response just brought a burst of brightness within for me – more clarity, more confirmation of my process. You perfectly understand how this post is a profound and expansive experience unfolding for me.
          And your last sentence is a direct indicator to me – of where I was and where I am headed. All my poetry were a soft glove on what was seething within – I wished a lot to stay hidden then. Lately my poems slowed to a trickle and they don’t come anymore. I am willing to say it all as it is now. I am willing to bring it out in the open …it is going to be a process like this post and I surrender.
          Thank You.

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  2. that is a beautiful thought in combination with the picture! When clarity begins to dawn under the clouds of misperception!!!
    How wonderful are the different sources of inspiration that we have !!!

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  3. If there are phases of one’s creative life, then this is a golden phase you have entered dear Pragalbha. I’m sure there will be ongoing inspiration from such breathtaking images and your exquisite words will never be lacking ❀

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  4. Such an astounding sky.. As was the link you provided.. Nature never fails to show beauty . This journey we are all embarked upon is one that is filled with awe, as we begin to open up and clarify those feelings we have held deep within us.. Illuminating and inspiring us to reach BEyond that which we see..

    Love and Blessings Sweet dear friend.. And take all the time you need.. We all need Clarity. xxx ❀

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  5. I am reading and re-reading your quotes, this and the others that follow this. It made me wonder how you come up with such beautiful and powerful lines. Your poems are wonderful but this one seems likes short bursts of powerful inspiration.

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