Who’s breath am I breathing?


Photo: Manish Doshi ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’

Who’s breath am I breathing?
Who’s story am I weaving?
Who’s memory am I churning?
Who’s thoughts am I carrying?

With each breath I take

Who’s life am I living?
Who’s pain am I feeling?
Who’s right to breathe freely have I made my story?
Who is it that I am not left with my own pure breath for myself?

We talk about letting go. And for that process we invite all our stories and all of others’ woes to look at, to be able to let go. And then we look at them and we defend them and justify them and find ourselves lost in them. And the only thing we let go of is our deep, pure breath. Nothing else.

I have found that I imbibe, absorb, feel, sense every thought, feeling, energy around me. I pick up on it very sensitively. At times making my inner life a chaotic tangle of feelings. I have made a personal career out of my life to continually keep cleaning out my energetic closet that sometimes catches the cobwebs of negativity, lies, untruthfulness, facades, envy, jealousy in thought and action directed or not towards me. Most times I am not even aware of any of this actually going on. I just feel horrible inside and I know I am not breathing my pure breath but breathing a heavy air of all that is toxic to me. My breath catches it like a virus. I just feel it.

I have found myself very strong, resilient, having magical perspectives that lift me above any drama and trauma, in the face of the worst. I am unshaken in faith when it comes to threats to the well being of those closest to me and those who choose to work with me. I am undaunted in my intention of creation of a life of possibility and true joy for all of us. I will not give up on my version of a world where we absolutely trust the spoken word, show up as our real self and have compassion for each other.

Yet I end up using tremendous energy to keep my head above the waters of feelings and emotions of those around me physically, virtually and spiritually. I am an empath who feels the hurt behind your need to lie to me, your need to be untruthful to me, to act what you don’t mean with me. Yes I actually feel it and live it until I process it to rise above it.

I know I have done this when I am able to breathe purely, deeply, fluidly, smoothly, softly, leisurely, luxuriously – just pure breath of air that does not carry any charge, thought, feeling, emotion, story attached to it.ย  I am glad it is becoming increasingly easier, and the beauty of life is pouring in for me.

Do you know what a gift this kind of breath is? Have you given yourself a breath solely for yourself lately? Have you lived a moment purely as yourself lately?

I have dedicated my life to just that – taking as many deeply pure breaths and teaching you to do the same. It is a learning process to be able to let go of the stories. Even the real ones have to be let go, so they actually change.

Let’s breathe space into our stories instead of our stories clinging to our breath.


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This post is a contribution to ForgivingFridays on ForgivingConnect, an amazing blog by Debbie Roth.


90 thoughts on “Who’s breath am I breathing?

  1. Breathe! Whose breath am I breathing?

    As an empath and Intuitive Iโ€™ve experienced taking on someone elseโ€™s wishes and breathing with them at the expense of for myself! Iโ€™ve overly immersed in others to my own detriment!

    Learning to discern this is tough for us to do as is means separating ourselves from others especially if personal boundaries havenโ€™t been respected of if we werenโ€™t allowed to have them in our youth!

    I grew up in a very dysfunctional home and for my survival I needed to quickly figure out my abuserโ€™s moods.

    As an adult this ability attracted others who needed control and I had to learn to let go!

    Let go and breathe! Breathe and feel where I end and you begin!

    Itโ€™s a process I now treasure!

    Peace, Tamara

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    • How precious your sharing is for me Tamara! It is as if you described the exact journey for me …the details of the story differ but the journey and the conditioning remains the same. It feels amazing to know how deeply and truly you understand this. Letting all that go is such a profound process. Much Gratitude with Love.


  2. That’s a good question, “Who’s breath am I breathing?” We don’t normally think of it this way. It’s like saying, “How many lives am I living. How many am I agreeing to live?” Which makes it all the more fascinating when one thinks about it. All we are called upon to do is live this one life, yet we easily imbibe the lives of others, especially as empaths.

    We just need to breathe freely, allowing our true essence to fill us. What if the day came when our true essence and that of those around us was the same? Are empathic abilities leading up to that?

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    • Always such a treasure to read your comment.
      All we are called upon to do is live this one life, yet we easily imbibe the lives of others, especially as empaths – Love this. We have a purpose here but then sometimes we go against ourselves.
      Your What If question is such a magnificent possibility to ponder on …I loved being in the space of that question. The empathic abilities serve that exact purpose – to shine the light of awareness on lower energies while being steadfast in our own true essence. So the lower energies may choose to use the space to rise up.
      The empath-to-empath support that is being collected in this space is so satiating, just like the energy of your question. Much Gratitude always!

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  3. What a tremendous essay dear one!
    Your spirit speaks directly to mine … and in quiet acknowledgment we walk arm in arm. I feel every word as if they were my own.
    After decades of negotiating the perils of life as an empath, I have only in the last year learned how to breathe and develop healthy, self preserving ways to (partially) shield my sensitivities. For souls such as ours though, this is an ongoing plight … as you mention. It is wonderful to be reminded that we are not alone as we negotiate the minefield of everyday interactions. Love to you ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ’œ

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    • There is this reason that there is such quiet space whenever we interact dear friend. All the noise drowns because we just ‘know’ each other so well. We do hold hands in this way in confirming of our abilities and the challenges it brings. I would say too that my sheild (I love that you say partial shield) is in the making for a year or so …still I feel like I need training wheels to walk out there sometimes. It is indeed wonderful to know we are not alone. Much Love ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Wow, pragalbha, I just feel so refreshed reading your thoughts. The pure breath has become a rarity these days and letting go in it’s pure sense never exists. Practicing pure breathing, what a lovely thought. Will sure try to keep this gift of a pure breath in mind. Thanks for the pure and lovely reminder !

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    • Your thoughtful words gave me a bright smile ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree with you the breath has become absolutely rare. It is going to be a continual practice for those of us who have now become aware. Thank you Deepika.


  5. A wonderful analytics @ work ! Who’s breath we are breathing ..speaks a lot about how chaotic the living the life has become amidst a knoll of plethora of voices , paranoias , waves of extraneous currents , many a time of least substance, making us project or live what we are not ! True breath is increasingly becoming a scarce commodity! Between the matter , illogical cravings & inconsequential back ground music some how the outlet to breathe free, breathe very own some how getting crushed & isolated ! Knowing this is half the battle own in breathing the truth, just truth ! Loved this write Pragalbha. Happy true breathing!

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  6. Oh dear Prag, I know only too well what you experience and it takes a long time to fully breathe just our own breath. Your thoughts are so deep and the growth I am seeing in you is amazing! It is NOT easy for us empaths! There were times I thought I was loosing my mind. However, no more. I’ve learned, as you are, to process automatically what is yours and what is not. What is not kick it out! Far from easy when you are especially close to someone or when the emotions are flying high. For years I was so afraid to go out in public and to this day I must still be very careful. The good news is …. the people’s energy is getting lighter and it has been a great JOY to be out in the world again. Huge shifts are taking place right now ….

    I’m am really moved by all you said here …. And then there is the added thought of mine that goes like this … Energy is not destroyed just changed, so the likelihood we are actually breathing “air” that someone else did is highly likely. And then add to that the breath of the plants, the animals, the birds, the insects …. Are we not all connected by an invisible weave of Sacred Energy? Yet the Great Accomplishment we experience is beyond description when we arrive at the place we know our breath is purely us along with the very Vibration we are if not higher. Whoa, you’ve got me excited over here …. tremendous post!! I applaud you!!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

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    • Ooooh Amy! You speak so exactly and directly to me. I remember my phase when I thought I had lost ability to function in the world whatsoever. It was a tremendous process that had to be allowed to clear out a whole lot. I am still not sure about being out in public. Yet somehow I can sense that my fear is gone. I feel a different space, you are so right about the shift. I am kind of curious to test the waters and see if I feel the Joy but I am not eager. A bit stuck in my comfort zone. Knowing myself, I don’t stay stuck long ๐Ÿ™‚ So will see how it goes.
      Yes I love what you say about being connected by a Sacred Energy. And true the experience of pure breath is beyond description. Your energy and excitement nourishes me ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you my friend with Much Love.

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      • I know all about that comfort zone and to this day I must fight against it to force myself to be out. Once I’m out, I’m fine. Two things probably will happen. Either you will “know” it is time to step out, or the Universe will line up circumstances where you have little choice but to go out. I’m also learning how to shield myself. Some days are better then others. (smile)

        I have every Intention of stepping out into the forest today because I really need it. Between the events of last week and now “picking up” on hubby’s emotions, I must seek Balance and Solitude. So I will. I am humbled and happy that I have been able to encourage you. The ONE place I can count on to find Pure Breath is in the forests and my Gardens. Much Love in return to you! ๐Ÿ’ž

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  7. I took some time yesterday to walk slowly by the water on my way to yoga class, enjoying those stolen moments to simply breathe and ground myself so I could “let go” and “be”, your light words have added another layer and have left me with a beautiful reminder to constantly seek out “the pure breath”, thank you for sharing!

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  8. Oh Pragalbha, this is an incredible post. I so appreciate your wisdom! Is it ok if I share your reflections for #ForgivingFridays? Letting go, and breathing simply, is such a key to forgiveness and a foundation for life. Let me know. โค
    If yes, you are welcome to link this post to my latest one if ok by you.

    Also so that you know, I may be taking a break from blogging …to regenerate, let Spirit breathe me, and open to the inspiration of the wisdom of my heart. I wanted you to know because you mean a lot to me. Will be in touch, and of course you can check out my blog post tomorrow.
    Love and blessings to you Pragalbha and your son,

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    • Dearest Debbie, I will link this post surely!
      You absolutely mean so preciously to me in this space. Yet I am elated for you that you would be taking this enriching break. Your choice inspires me and empowers me, as much as I will miss your presence and posts so much! I wish you the most expansiveness in reaching to the depth of your heart during your break. I will stay tuned for a similar message from the Universe for myself.
      We are connected on FaceBook too, I will look out for you there and feel free to connect with me there for anything.
      We are both in the same state, maybe we might just get to see each other! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  10. Beautiful post. Most compelling. Who’s breath do we breathe? We should take the dirt into our lungs, heart or mind. Abd uf we do we must let go of it immediately otherwise we become posioned with either anger, resentment, hate, worry, fear, envy…etc.

    Clean breath if clean mind. Let go of the negativity that soils our peace and purity of character.

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  11. Beautiful post. Most compelling. Who’s breath do we breathe? We should not take the dirt into our lungs, heart or mind. Abd uf we do we must let go of it immediately otherwise we become posioned with either anger, resentment, hate, worry, fear, envy…etc.

    Clean breath if clean mind. Let go of the negativity that soils our peace and purity of character.

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  12. I know I had a good day when I can breath and think freely.
    I agree we talk a lot about letting go but how about trying not to hold on to things that don’t belong to us?
    So many times we fall into the trap of thinking we’re responsible for others’ happiness.
    This post reminds me to continue to get my self worth from inside and to pay close attention to my breathing.
    I know something is wrong when I can’t enjoy the simplicity of taking in a breath of fresh air.
    Great post!

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    • That is a perfect capture and reflection of the essence of my message. You are so right, that we take responsibility for so much that doesn’t belong to us. I am glad to connect with you, thank you very much for taking the time to share your thoughts!

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  13. Dearest Pragalbha,
    Did you write this just for me? Lol. It was sheer synchronicity that today as I work slowly my way back through the many beautiful comments left me on my last post of Stepping back to Step Forward that this morning It was your turn to be answered.
    And as I came by to catch up a little with what you have been posting, this post just jumped out for its TRUTH.

    Each emotion, each hurt, each breath, like you described is just as you say.. Some days the weight of it is so heavy, yet in the next breath we can breathe out and lighten our load.. The choice is always ours. Though at times it feels as if I have no choice at all, as emotions overwhelm, and my energy body seems to cave in.

    Such are the energies surround those of us who have chosen our particular pathways on Earth right now.

    I have to often stop myself and ask whose ‘Thoughts I am carrying?’ and remind myself while our stories are all connected I need not carry their burden. But as you eloquently write, sometimes our empathic selves cannot help but ‘Feel’ as we cry our inward tears for their sacrifice that we ALL may come to understand ‘Compassion’ and learn to LOVE, through others suffering.

    Thank you for breathing with me, and for showing me I have to right to breathe fresh clean air to nurture my own story and live it unencumbered by the guilt of unworthiness.

    Your Light shines like a bright beacon Pragalbha
    Many thanks dear friend, your insightful words bring strength and Hope..

    Love and Blessings
    โค โค

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    • I wish could convey truly and effectively how precious your each word and statement is. Each and every thought you have shared nourishes me with resonance and support, a tremendous satisfaction that you know, feel and understand what I am saying. My pure breaths have a sense of validation ๐Ÿ™‚ Infinite Gratitude & Much Love.

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  14. Beautiful and revealing post. Our breath is our life force energy. When we use our breath correctly we’re able to bring clarity to the mind. It’s also an opportunity to sit and work with whatever it is that “we” are holding and in need of resolution. Let’s continue to “breathe” space to our own stories!!! Love it.

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