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I am told …

My Realness is Intimidating

That they don’t know what to do with me

I don’t know what to do with that …


76 thoughts on “Realness

  1. For those who cannot embrace your real, there shall be others who emerge who can and welcome it. Crave it! From all over the world. These are the enduring souls to bring close.
    Hello ❀ It's me πŸ™‚

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  2. Some who are intimidated have their own process to go through, they will recognize at some point that it was them. Not you. For some it’s a growing process. And there just may be nothing you can, or should do, for others. πŸ˜‰

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  3. You don’t come across as a brute nor enforcer. Are you some sort of black widow or mobster? Please, if you are not easy prey, or speak your mind in kind, then users have no use. Who else can you be and still be a blessing to us. tainted eyes tell polluted lies, don’t be surprise when the fake can no longer hide and they ask you to wear a disguise. Infinite here’s to the wonderful, thoughtful you. You are a celebration

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  4. I understand this reality! Being very real is intimidating in person because we’re so socialized into speaking small talk even in moments when we can get below the surface! Too many are terrified of revealing anything deeper for fear of being ridiculed!

    Online it’s easier to find kindred souls to talk with! We can speak our truths through words and others will find the inner connections which resonate within them!

    Peace, Tamara

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  5. This is beautifully brief, and I can sympathize. I have always been told that I think too much and that I am too intense and that I care too much about things. I have grown to embrace those things about myself. I think they make me more powerful. You are lovely.

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  6. Realness is intimidating to those who do not know how to be real, who hide behind masks and games. It brings great JOY to my Heart to see how life itself teaches some (not all) by bringing them situations in which they learn to be real from out of the knowing …. why pretend any longer? Keep on being YOU and being real …. and if others don’t like it, not your problem. (smile) ☺️

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  7. Sometimes those of us who stand in our truth are felt as a threat.. For in this world many Masquerade hiding behind their masks, and bury themselves in electronic realism, as they zone out like zombies to conform in a society which dictates how they should live, Be it to what to eat, how to dress, and what latest gadgets to play with.
    We live in another reality, One I am proud to share with you.. Keep being Real dear friend.. And stand firm in your path..

    Love and Blessings

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    • Your description of the world in contrast to our truth is so perfect, I feel very understood by you. I am deeply happy that you acknowledge that we live in another reality …it is so much easier to know there is company. Thank you for your support and strength in being here together.

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      • likewise Pragalbha, I can honestly say, I so appreciate you as well Pragalbha, I have just wanted to disappear into oblivion if that makes any sense of late my friend, I have neglected my blog, and friends here on WP..
        I have turned off the modem and WiFi and for the past couple of days I have been busy in our allotments, connecting back to nature. And since doing so, I felt more ‘alive’ and real.. πŸ™‚ I have to stop feeling guilty for falling behind in those whom I follow.. And channel my energy where I feel energised..
        I have done some deep thinking over my absence from WP. I love my Blog and my wonderful Blog family.. For you truly are so close you feel like family.. But I need to create the balance, and nurture myself a little more..
        I so thank you for your own wonderful support and understanding.. Your own comments always bring me strength and peace.. So thank YOU my friend xx

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        • All that you say touches me truly. Lately I have had thoughts of closing down my blog for no apparent reason. Just wanting to get away completely. My time here is so nourishing and I couldn’t do it. All that you say here makes me realize my own attachment to the virtual world – I don’t know how to switch off because it is like losing touch with such true interactions. I going splits in my mind …following the clues from my heart. My posts have spaced longer apart even though I have too many drafts ready.
          All your choices in your presence and absence will be a source of empowerment for me because I know your intentions. I wish you the truest joys!

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          • Dearest Pragalbha, I have had the same thoughts about closing my blog many times over the years.. And lately those same thoughts have surfaced again.. But my wonderful blog family here often keep me going. though at times I feel so tired I feel I have not the energy to even answer comments.. More a state of mind I think as I want to switch off from ‘Everything’ at times. But I rest, take a short break from the virtual world, and I usually come back and carry on.. Yet this time it feels different, like I am really having to force myself to turn on the Modem and log in.
            It will pass I am sure.. But I just keep going with the flow.. The energies surrounding us all right now are in confusion which clouds our judgement. I know I will feel better once I have spent more time in my garden connecting back into Mother Earth, as Spring finally gets underway.. To renew and rejuvenate us..
            I too have written many poems pertaining to my feelings over the last few weeks.. Whether I should post them, I am toying with at the moment..
            I want my blog to uplift, yet we are dual in nature, we can not experience the light without experiencing the dark.. Both go hand in hand..
            It is looking to see the light that shines through the cracks, and count our blessings, There are always reasons behind events both personal and world wide.. We should all be mindful and learn from them and see what they are teaching us. Not always easy if we are caught up within its web..
            So that is why I stand back, and look back in.. As I question what it was I needed to learn..
            Sending you the same Joys in return dear Pragalgha.. Much love my friend ❀

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            • I can absolutely understand and relate to each and every word you are saying!
              It is true that the energies around are of confusion. I have decided not to share any poetry anymore …I don’t know until when …because I wish them to be my personal process. Once I made that decision, all my poetry expression dried up after a few that came. I slightly miss my old self but the new unfoldings are intense. So I am going with the process.
              I wish and hope to stay in touch with you always.

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              • You may find your poetry comes and goes.. We embrace the creative skills in the moment, Trusting that no gift is wasted and its always there to return and tap into when we need its energy. For me at the moment I in a sort of limbo.. A painting half finished, and no words as yet to right.. And energy that comes and just as quickly goes when I plug into the internet.. So yes, keep going with the process, all will sort itself out when we keep within its flow xxx ❀

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