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Photograph: Atanu Chakraborty “Reach out Into what Calls You”

I have been aware of the energy of envy since a very young age. In today’s times of social media, it has become all the more palpable. I think envy is simply the face of I-WANT-THAT. And I see nothing inherently wrong in it. I actually love to meet people that I start to feel a tinge of envy about. I like to actually share with them that I envy them for some particular aspect. By the time I know enough about them, I always find some genuine inspiration and there is no place for the green.

As a little girl, it was confusing for me to have the sense of self-worth mixed with the proportion of affluence. At some level, things seemed pretty simple to me …you have some things, and I don’t! But as the feeling of lack started creeping in, I slowly learnt to imbibe the energy of people around me who took pleasure in owning things, which I thought I would love to have too!

I learned to desire and trust that I will have all that I want and need.

Envy can hit us on all aspects of life like affluence, education, career, beauty, confidence. There is far more freedom in truly enjoying someone else’s happiness. If we look closely, each person’s asset could be their only true support system through this lifetime. People who seem to have it all very easily, are the ones who might have done the toughest groundwork to build their castle on. It can become very clear to us that we definitely do not want to be in anyone’s shoes. It can get really overwhelming to have to live all of the lives that we choose to envy. I now simply love the energy of the person who is truly enjoying something, be it money, faith, art, or love itself.

We open ourselves up for possibilities when we first enjoy the energies! We don’t have to have it all or live it all right now! And the freedom is even more when we realize that we truly didn’t need something we thought we did.

Someone said to me, “I envy a content smile, and wonder if it’s real or fake …” I say substitute the word envy with desire, I have now discovered that the content smile is the most important to want. There comes a time when all of us get tired of putting on smiles or wearing happiness on our faces. It is amazing when we can turn envy into inspiration! Simply go I want that content smile on me! Then look for what stops you from having it.

Envy just doesn’t feel good in the body, none of us enjoy not feeling good. Inspiration on the other hand feels amazing like the pulse of life itself. Don’t let anything touch you more than it serves you. You just need the energy of the person who has that smile, not that person’s life situation. You have your own life and magic to create for yourself. Trust your intention of love and service, and let go of all that won’t let you smile. Open yourself to new experiences, even if in the smallest possible way. Create space for that smile for yourself.

Regarding social media, some of us are not sharing the journey that brought us this kind of satisfaction, simply because bringing up that journey does not serve us more than sharing this smile. So use every smile to discover what’s really true for you. Smile …and always from the heart, look for it deeper when it doesn’t come from there. Every other aspect of life tends to follow a good genuine smile 🙂 Turn the green of envy into the red hot of desire to create for yourself …anything you want, really!!!

Originally published on December 2015

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72 thoughts on “Envy & Inspiration

    • It is always such happiness to receive your comment 🙂 I am glad you agree. Thank you!

      Oh I wish I knew what to do about that. One thing I know that in the past a blogger friend faced the same when trying to comment from the phone but worked good on laptop. Also that sometimes there is a requirement to log in on the phone. Truly my loss as your time spent on my work is of great value to me.

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  1. “The content smile” I love this!

    In an age when we’re brainwashed to believe our happiness comes from things it ça be hard to fathom contentment!

    This inner peaceful happiness is really what we all seek!

    Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Wise post turning envy into a positive, to be inspired that desire but not consumed incorrectly.

    As you said. …. Envy can hit us on all aspects of life like affluence, education, career, beauty, confidence. There is far more freedom in truly enjoying someone else’s happiness. …..

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  3. What an uplifting, beautiful post! This is really food-for-thought and my favourite kind of writing to read.
    When I think about who inspires me, I wouldn’t want to live each one of their lives. That’s such a true point to make. And “each person’s asset could be their only true support system through this lifetime”.

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  4. My mind went zipping around after I read this. It jumped to several places. I don’t know why but I’ve never been one for physical riches and often my feeling for people that have them is not envy, but pity. It comes with so much care and baggage.
    Then I realized why I’ve never really had physical riches. I guess I’m just not into it, so I’m not chasing or attracting it. I’ve always lived well, but never wastefully.
    What I have chased is freedom, life, happiness, spirituality, and contentment. Got that!
    Finally I remembered this, and realized why my life has gone the direction it has: “godliness with contentment is great gain.” Maybe I am rich and contented after all. 😉 Just in a different way.

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    • You are indeed one of the richest in terms of what you truly gained! And your words, presence and insight are a true treasure for me 🙂
      I understand the pity, I feel very sorry to see so much suffering among the ‘rich’ .
      I had concluded while very young that some affluence is needed for some comforts of living. I didn’t want big brands to flash or anything but to me having certain things was freedom for my real pursuits. I am grateful for how my life got aligned exactly the way I would want – I have what I need to be able to contain my chase for the same objects as yours 🙂 Thank you so much for your most precious thoughts on this! You support My journey of becoming rich and content, in a different way- tremendously.

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  5. This was a pleasure it read. Good wisdom. These line is something that I am saving for myself –
    Don’t let anything touch you more than it serves you.

    Thank you for sharing the post!

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  6. “Don’t let anything touch you more than it serves you. You just need the energy of the person who has that smile, not that person’s life situation”…..

    Very well said…. so I agree…. beautifully wise of you to state this and convey as it is to me….

    Thank you ❤

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  7. I learned young that envy meant “I want it, if I can’t have it, I don’t want you to have it”. I have lived my life avoiding envy because I would never want to wish away someone else’s joys or ‘things’. It seemed quite selfish. Lovely post Infinite.

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  8. Its ironic that I just mention the word ‘envy’ in the reply to your comment in my space. I admit that it has never occurred to me that the ‘green’ of envy can be turned into the ‘red hot’ of desire. I love that sentence, it is simply beautiful. This is an amazing thought, Pragalbha. Thank you!

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  9. Envy. Ooooooo I do not like that word! That word brings with it a whole lot of misery. I know when one is truly content with life, there is no room for envy. None. Now and again that word crops up, however, and recently I observed it did. My brother who allows me to show his underwater photography on my blog, has been purchasing lenses that I drool over. I felt envy. Right away I recognized the emotion. I stepped way back. Now is not the time for me to be buying more equipment, even though I do have the means to do so. What my brother is doing is for he alone, and so I turned my envy into genuine happiness for him as I see him playing with his new toys.
    And regarding that smile … when one has true Happy in Heart, a smile cannot help but be seen on that one’s face. I’ve been seeing myself lately and even though I am not consciously smiling there still seems to be a smile imprint on my face. Nice! I LOVE to smile. It just makes me feel so good. Even in answering my phone, I have a “smile” in my voice to brighten the other’s day!
    Beautiful post, dearest Prag. Keep on being you and keep on shining your Goodness and Gentleness into this world. Much Love to you this beautiful day!!! 💞🌸🌸💞

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    • You are so generous in sharing about your brother and his lenses. At your level of awareness, I would never call it envy. I would just call it your acknowledgment that you really really would want something, he has it and you step back into the perspective of how it is his only for now and you can get to it at a later time. Just simply that! If not then you wouldn’t have had the radiant smile of happiness on you that spreads the magic all around.
      Thank you so much dear Amy. Your appreciation, support, blessings, kind love means a lot to me!

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      • Bless you, Prag! I am human, very, just like you. (wink) I do experience the lower emotions at times yet when it comes to envy I pull myself up short very quickly because I know how miserable that road can be. There is no need to thank me just for being myself. Thank YOU for allowing me to be me. I am the one who is deeply grateful to you!! (((HUGS)) 💝💝💝

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  10. Your words inspire me. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    “It is amazing when we can turn envy into inspiration!” I wish I could turn all my ill feelings, including my occasional bad temper to something beautiful, like your thoughts.
    Absolutely loving your words of wisdom. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 And you did make me smile at the end of this post. Thank you so much for sharing this. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    • You have put the brightest smile on me today 🙂 I am so very glad that you found my work wise and useful. I am loving your smiles! I wish you, your wish to turn all your thoughts and feelings into something beautiful, to come true with lots of ease and joy!

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  11. Very valuable post. Accepting that envying is alright and can be used to inspire is a wonderful thought. Sometimes we chide ourselves that we envy and we know its wrong but accepting the feeling and not letting it become a negative form of expression is what we need to do.

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  12. I am so in awe of your writing about envy and reaching out for all of us to grasp this. Envy is only a phase, it can drag you down. Learning to grow up and let envy go; that is so important for your own life’s possibilities.

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  14. I just reread this. And noticed I commented way back when. I think turning envy into inspiration is such a wise, noble and act of self mastery and positive qualities. To transform negative to positive and break patterns of negativity in our life so we are not slaves to unhelpful emotion is the best way to live

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    • I am so happy, homored and humbled to have your kind presence with me through the years of this growth in myself – how amusing that we need these same reinforcements time and again. This comment of yours gives me exactly that yet again. I don’t fall to envy anymore for a longest time now, yet it is important to be able to keep compassion for those who do fall.

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  15. Surely you realized I would visit this. 🙂 … Ok … For me, the bottom line is simply knowing the difference between wants and needs. I like to travel, but hey – Covid has nixed those plans – but I survived. Sure I miss travel and I’m excited about doing so again – but it’s a want, not a need …. so I’ve dealt well with no travels. Well done, PD.

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