A Good marriage is the Best


Picture: SelfΒ  ‘A perfect fit?’ Editing: Vikram Phale

A happy marriage does not simply exist
The choices of happiness in it does

A perfect marriage does not just exist
The courage and kindness in one does

A marriage with all agreement does not exist
The growing up in disagreements does

A forever romantic marriage does not exist
The willing creation of undefined love does

A successful marriage does not already exist
The commitment towards success in it does


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67 thoughts on “A Good marriage is the Best

  1. Wonderful post dear Pragalbha, and wise, I have been married for 43 yrs and it takes a lot of ingredients to make it work, and like someone mentioned it being like a recipe affecting our taste buds in the comments, It takes trial and error until you get the seasoning and spice just right πŸ˜€

    Lovely to be here reading your wisdom again my friend. Sending huge hugs to you my friend xx ❀

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  2. Having been married for 34 years now, I would say just lately hubby and I, very two different people, are understanding how to flow unencumbered. It’s been like bringing an orange and an apple together and merging the two to make an oranapple. (smile) Yet there still are the bumps as in just this morning when hubby made a face and a “remark” when I got in “his” way in the kitchen. I stood aside and said, “Well, when you are all by yourself and you have your kitchen all to yourself imagine, you won’t have anyone to complain to.” LOL That got him to think. I reminded him that yes, this is MY home too. Too funny! Happy Day, Prag!! LOVED this post!! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

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    • This is what I believe about oranapples – their souls have chosen to be together for reasons beyond the regular worldly views. Their trust, love and commitment runs way deeper than can be easily understood. They are in it for the juice of life itself and their commitment unwavering.
      I hope I didn’t stray far from what you are saying πŸ™‚ I love how you keep it light yet honest. I am honest always but can be not very light. I am working on it. Thank you so much Amy for being here. Lots of Love and Gratitude.

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      • Light is good, Prag. Life is difficult enough without simplicity and laughter in it. Yes I tend to speak lightly yet at times I am very serious, as you well know. I just LOVE what you wrote here and I will remember that the next time hubby and I are like two pieces of sand paper …. irritating. LOL
        BLESS you for saying I am honest. And BLESS you for hearing the Truth of what I am saying. Have a Happy Day and SMILE!! (((HUGS))) Amy

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  3. Very insightful and well expressed. What we read in books and see on TV is far from being perfect. Both parties must work in ensuring that they have a good marriage.

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  4. The picture says it all Pragalbaha. Two imperfect souls set out on a journey, holding hands, differing opinions, one may falter while the other may pull up his/her partner, tread on having some great moments together, some not so great…..but in the end reach the destination enjoying the beautiful journey, hand in hand in spite of all the differences!

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  5. So true! I agree with Radhika, the picture says it all. Two people from two different walks of life are thrown in together under the vow of marriage. It is strange what love can do but love can become different at different levels of our relationship. It need not always be heart and roses, it can just be a smile. It need not always be words of endearment, silence speaks volumes.

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    • It is strange what love can do but love can become different at different levels of our relationship …this and your last statement – I loved them both very much. It is indeed an ever evolving journey. Thank you very much for your thoughtful and beautiful comment.

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