What really died?


“Space” Photo: Manish Doshi – “Before Sunrise on Kauai”

A lot had to die
A lot died a whole lot
The first Poetry was born

The Process of Poetry
Became the new Life

I wonder what really happened
When the poetry Itself died

A lot of Space opened up
A lot of Space a whole lot
The new Beginning is born


P.S. Dear Debbie, please include this as a contribution to ForgivingFridays, if you see fit. I offer these words coming through, as a way of accepting the unfolding of life with no judgment.

63 thoughts on “What really died?

  1. Oh this is a gorgeous poem, Pragalbha! I am so touched by your contributions to Forgiving Fridays. To me, there is such acceptance in this poem for the unfolding of life, and for what we need to let go of to give birth to new life. And so creatively done! You have divine expression, do you know that? Thank you again. I’ve noted this poem for Forgiving Fridays and will share it this week! May your day be blessed with love – Debbie

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  2. Yes Indeed. you formatted your poem like a river that was not in a hurry. it flowed gently over and around what ever it needed to. The death brought life and poetry became therapy. To express the loss bit by bit and articulate the newness of life. Thanks for sharing

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      • We al think that we are very tolerant,donโ€˜t we? I think that I am extremely tolerant and nevertheless We and I have some primal needs. So if this needds are not respected, I think there is also no tolerance anymore. And this is the problem, that this needs are different in value and weight. By all tolerance we always have to check if our basics expections will be fullfilled…otherwise we will not be happy.

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          • I believe in courage I have not lacked so far, stupidity also not …; ) … and I also have no problem with leaving space: But there must first be a room for space, not a vacuum of dreams.
            Sometimes life is like standing on a cliff. Your dreams float over the abyss and yell at you “jump, we catch you and you will not crash on the ground.” Behind you cries your past and your mind whispers to you “you have gone crazy!”And you ask yourself every day anew who is calling, are the dreams calling or are just sneaky traitors calling?

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            • Haha I am totally with you on both the courage and stupidity in ways of Being ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess one keeps bringing the other LOL.
              Yes, Anie your analogy is beautiful and relevant. I believe this life is plenty of opportunities to practice and discern that one voice that truly belongs to us. There are God-knows-how-many people sitting and croaking inside our head …only that one voice has a special quality. Courage is following that one.

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              • yes you are so right! When I look at me, courage and stupidity is coupled in any case. But the nice thing is that my stupidity does not bother me much and I’ve never experienced anyone finding my stupidity annoying. And to follow the courage of this one voice in the head is probably the wisdom of life.
                It’s hard to recognize that voice. Too strong we are being manipulated too much we are being preached things that we find great and that we want to call our own. But it’s not. It’s hard for me to understand. Life is a way in which we should constantly improve and learn. But not what is being asked and what we would like to be, but what we really are. And this realization is difficult …. I can admire great, independent women, finding great funky hot fashionable women, can inspire me for emancipated, committed women … BUT that’s not me … and I need to know how my way continues without being manipulated.

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  3. I so enjoyed your poetry .. And it sent me back in time.. Before I started to write poems. And writing my poems has helped me heal and forgive that space before.. As to that space which comes next.. We will have to watch that space! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Have a fabulous weekend Pragalbha .. xxx

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    • It is humbling and a warm joy to have you in agreement and company for this journey. It makes me happy that it has been your experience and you understand how healing poetry is. Yes, I am finally comfortable watching the space. Thank you very much dear Sue for your valued time on my work. You have an amazing time too.


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