What if poetry never comes through me again?


Photo Credit: Manish Doshi “Silent Question Answered”

It is as if recess time
A much needed respite
From my soul unrelentingly crying

It is as if an unknown strength
A much needed insight
From my heart soothingly sighing

It is as if I am not up for any play
A much needed friend divine
From times eternal shows up on my way

It is as if I am unshakably yet softly still
A much needed deep breath
From the juice of life helps me feel

It is as if I am looking for something
A much needed sense of contentment
From the clarified mind shows I have everything

It is as if I feel whole yet miss something
A much needed inspired poetry
From the churning of emotions, I reminisce

It is as if I fear words might never now rhyme
A much needed equilibrium achieved
From the turmoils of expectant time

It is as if I forage for disappointment
A much needed depth of mind diving
From the surface of a world striving

It is as if I need some intense emotion
A much needed transport vehicle
From the randomness to the magical

It is as if now I get it
A much needed realization
From the wanting to churn a poetry
To just Being with no drama of emotion

So what if never again my words rhyme
I am willing to be reborn that way
To just watch what else happens in this lifetime


P.S. This poem is a contribution to ForgivingFridays of ForgivingConnects. This blog by Debbie Roth has truly helped me find forgiveness for any judgment I hold towards myself, every single time I read her heartfelt posts.


82 thoughts on “What if poetry never comes through me again?

  1. I love the last three lines especially ‘So what if never again my words rhyme
    I am willing to be reborn that way
    To just watch what else happens in this lifetime’

    Rhyme in poetry can be part of someone else’s rules and it is OK to be free from that and see what else life has to offer :o) xxx

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  2. Now this poet just has the most beautiful rhythm to it. It flows as calmly as relaxed water. And it leads up to build up of fear and worry, then settling for acceptance and awareness that you’ll be ok no matter what. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful piece!

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  3. God, Pragalbha, I am so touched. This is an amazing poem on letting go of searching and judgments and opening to the grace of your unique self-expression. Wow. Thank you for contributing this for #ForgivingFridays. I am blessed to share this tomorrow. โค And so happy that my blog has value for you.
    Lots of loving – Debbie

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  5. So what if never again my words rhyme
    I am willing to be reborn that way
    To just watch what else happens in this lifetime
    ah, the endless possibilities to what change brings to us,
    often opening ourselves to bigger and better things. Lovely post Pragal โค

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  6. Very moving, dear friend. …. Simply …. let all of that go. I experienced lately a silence where once I heard words that I rushed to write down. Years worth of these words gave me a confidence that they would come. That has changed. Yet … from out of the silence my writing style has changed. Instead of these wisdom sayings that I used to hear, I’m writing what I myself am personally experiencing in Life with candor and with openness. My Heart is guiding me to do so and the words come flying out from my fingers effortlessly. If they don’t come without effort I know I am not to post those words. I’m working on such a post now. It’s all about fear. At first when I didn’t hear the words I came to depend upon, I panicked. And then I let that go too, because if there is one thing I have learned, something will come along, it always does. I pass this “wisdom” on to you just in case you don’t write your poetry any more. Something else will evolve from your poetry as you begin to write in a different way. Your poem, by the way, IS exceptional! Your ability to express emotions is hands down par excellent!! (((HUGS))) Amy

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    • HUGS a bit tighter
      I am loving the tears and smile that you gave me both together. This is why I REALLY wanted you to read this poem. I have a lot much more than gratitude for your words here. I am half way there. I don’t do or post anything that takes effort. Your posts showed me the truth trail long back.
      Thank you for telling me to let all of that go. I have been doing it. There is Nothing. And there Is for example, the conversation we are having. Magic exists!

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      • Only when we are empty can we fill. Love and Magic exist in the empty spaces. When we completely understand how effortless life itself can become by letting go and allowing the void to exist, our lives will be forever changed. You are to know what FLOW is. You already have begun to get a taste of it. Be easy with you. For now, just relax, do something you enjoy. Get away from writing and reading and learning. Just veg. Just BE. Stop trying so hard and in so doing, you will begin to allow the empty to fill without fail. It always happens. That I can say with no doubt! And in no time you will be running to your computer because you just HAVE TO write something that is about to burst within you. Oh yes. This too shall BE. (((HUGS)))๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

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  7. This is a very well-written, reflective piece and I like how you summarize your thoughts in concluding lines.One thing I have found is the only thing we truly have control over is ourselves and/or how we respond to things. Trying to control or being frustrated that we can’t control situations just leads to greater internal upset. Trying to have some control over ourselves is a sufficiently daunting task, but if we keep coming back to… how I respond or how I feel towards a situtaion is up to me. It is very hard always do this…but we strive. When we are able to do this… the poetry flows. Rhyming or not. We can feel the poetry flowing when when we are at peace with how react or respond to a situation. I enjoyed this piece very much Pragalbha.

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    • I appreciate your thoughtful response and time on this very much ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes I agree, there is no control over how the life flow unfolds. Poetry is but a reflection of our inner unfolding. All we can do is surrender, accept and that is how we can affect how we respond.
      ‘We can feel the poetry flowing when when we are at peace with how react or respond to a situation’. – I love this statement of yours very much. So true. I was amused when the above poetry came through when the only impulse I had felt was to write down some thoughts on how I think I might not poetry again. I had no emotion to it.
      Thank you very much, you have an amazing time ahead!


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