Thinking Aloud


Photo Credit: Manish Doshi “Moments of sunrise, Kauai”

I realized I always used to think aloud
It was wrong I was told &ย felt at times

I realize now what was right about it
Over the years I have started taking responsibility for what I think!

Aligning thoughts to higher truths
The freedom it brings is amazing
For now what I think is what I say
What I say is what I think aloud

Not a care but know it very well
Thought and word of intention
Is how I contribute to Creation

That which I call my world and reality
Emerges from thought, word & beyond
As if built brick by brick
One wonder & one moment at a time

This habit of mine I think served well!


P.S. This post was originally published on Oct 12, 2015.


80 thoughts on “Thinking Aloud

  1. Stunning photo and very expressed beautiful words! This really made me think about my thoughts and having the confidence to say them. Realising the freedom is not being tied down to other people’s opinions, but rather choosing your own. You are an amazing poet and talented writer! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Curious as to your thoughts as to whether thoughts are a null of stillness, maybe productive thoughts keep you still, but its our ability to know when we’re sinking into ‘noise,’ instead of simply being compassionate with ourselves. Hmmmm… what do you think ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • I love your choice of words here!
      I think awareness of when we are sinking into ‘noise’ is the key here. Those thoughts are mostly not in alignment with our higher truths but a product of our conditioned mind. Compassion to ourselves is even more important here because judgment doesn’t serve us.
      Yes, thoughts are an activity of the mind so can be the null of stillness. Productive thoughts that give us peace are in alignment with our higher truths and that is why to be able to access them and speak them continually is so much freedom in living.
      Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Taking responsibility for his thoughts and pronouncing them aloud is a great thing, but it must first be learned. It is difficult for me to put my thoughts into words, as the thoughts fly and the incentives for the thoughts overwhelm you in a number of ways. You probably have to first find a good filter, what you take as information, otherwise you are overwhelmed and rushes busy only with information. Processing is thus out of the question, not to mention to bring your solutions into your life.

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    • I love your words – have to first find a good filter – that is the key! We are usually processing things through the filter of the conditioned mind and opinions of others. The filter needs to be continually cleaned to align more clearly with our own truths. Awareness itself can eventually lead you to ways of slowing down your thoughts so they become less overwhelming. Thank you very much Anie for sharing your thoughts!

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  4. It sure takes a lot of practice to align your thoughts and words for there are those little weeds of negativity that creep into our being and slowly and gradually make its way into our words and thoughts. A very thoughtful message, Pragalbha.


  5. When I first realised that I was shocked… because I had to admit that I contributed for the greatest part to build everything I went through… I had to learn the power of negative thoughts and how to struggle against having them… which is still my biggest issue…

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