Colors of Change

Fall Leaf (2)

Photo Credit : Vikram Phale “Leaf”

Change is inevitable
Seems like fate’s offering
Makes you chase elusive happiness


Change is intentional
Seems like chosen wise suffering
Helps you perceive pure joy within any sadness


Yoga – My work & Life


49 thoughts on “Colors of Change

  1. ohhhhh !!!!
    elusive happiness? What is elusive? Life is fleeting. 2 minutes Pain can last forever 2 minutes in the lover’s arms can happen like a blink of an eye.
    Our purpose is not to suffer, but to make something of life, to feel happiness. Pure joy in sadness, no I can and I do not want to feel this all the time.

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    • Anie. I hear you. The perception of time can be relative to the nature of our experience. It is exactly the kind of happiness that is elusive that we chase and doesn’t come from a conscious choice. You are right, we are here to experience joy. And we are led towards pure joy by making intentional changes that are wise and can feel like suffering in the beginning. Thank you for sharing your thoughts as always.

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      • I thank you, dear pragalbha, for your patience and explanation. The translation and understanding is often difficult to interpret for me. It sounded to me like this: You havetwo possibilities. Either you run after happiness, which is short-lived anyway, or you choose to suffer and learn to feel joy in sadness. Un that statement was tantamount to giving up on myself.
        Your explanations are very logical to me and give meaning. You have to make conscious decisions and follow a path. But that’s also an awfully hard part in life, because it means understanding things, that you may learn tomorrow. It means analyzing situations where there are too many unknowns in the game. An invoice that can not be solved. So what do you do? You continue on a rotten bridge. Step by step and it is observed whether the ground holds or breaks.

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        • Anie, it is my happiness and gratitude that you take the time on my writings and share with me what your thoughts are. I am glad I could explain to you.
          My thought on your final statements is – There is always a ground to step on, yet it is our job to keep taking that next step, led by our awareness. When we keep truly following our awareness, we keep finding a stable ground.

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              • I have to thank you Pragalbha, because you helped me to recognize, that I myself stick and that my moving on is too slow. I searched for the reason why. Because I cannot decide? No, because I decided already. But you have to deal always new things, that you never did on a new way…so you need a lot of energy. Your normal life ( work, kids, …) must go on. You gave me a lot motivation,there for I thank you! But there were also posts, poesie and music which were very demotivationed, depressing and really bringing me down…the yogi says do not stay with negative people, who are bringing you down, right? But what if you care about the person who is writing, playing these depressing things? you get yourself depressed, get sticked and at the end blamed to not move on! ItΒ΄s a spiral and you have to chose the way up, not down!

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  2. Change is the one constant and when we embrace it, even if is a bit unplesant, we become so much better than we were before. Every aspect of life us learning and growth and that is true happiness..

    Great post as always.
    Happy New year.

    Hugs bella

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