Here, Take them All

The beautiful one rests under the tree - Ranthambore - 1F8A2670

Photo Credit : Atanu Chakraborty “The Beautiful one rests under the tree”

Your acts of Envy
Make us both feel small
Here take my feathers
Take them All
Put them wherever on you
And dance your dance
I will see what becomes
Of what’s left of mine



P.S. This post is a contribution to ForgivingFridays of ForgivingConnects from dear blogger Debbie.


80 thoughts on “Here, Take them All

  1. Oh Pragalbha, thank you! I’m so glad you contributed this to Forgiving Fridays. When I read this, I got a sense of the peacock letting go, surrendering, saying you can take it all because love is what really matters and I love you. ❀

    Sending you blessings of love, Pragalbha. So grateful to know you and honored to share this for this Friday's post.
    Blessings, Debbie

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  2. oh the interpretation of this poem allows so much again. Is it about giving and taking for selfishness and egoims ….. certainly! No, I’m not very selfish and yet like everyone else. Provoke me, drive me into the corner, plan my defeat, make it like the devil and you’ll make it. I will reproach you and I will take everything from you to show me that there is something else left of my person of my pride. That I still have some honor. Because I’m just a human. Is it this men want to test, if IΒ΄m human? I’ll defend myself, that’s different than attacking. Baer I’ll make it good, I’ll forgive and forget.

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    • Thank you for sharing your interpretation Anie. My idea here was to let go of the unsettling feeling that comes from being copied, compared or competed with. If someone decides to copy my heartfelt actions in a way that is not uplifting to either, I take it as an indication to let go and dig deeper into the essence of my being for inspired expression.

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  3. Thank you pragalbha for the description of your intensions. Although I had never the feeling of beein copied I think I know, what you mean. Of course you think about how someone compare you, what kind of competition arises and why someone copies you.
    It’s hard to get into other perspectives and you should always consider whether it’s worth it. (For many people I think I just do not care). And then I ask myself surely, what have I done, that this reaction of this important person arised? Or is it nature of this person to be like that? Is he/she always like this or just with me? You know better than me, Pragalbha … give love and love comes back …. see hate and you bathe yourself in it. Fear, hate and pain and many lies that you tell yourself and others … the beginning of the end. We think the way to love, courage and happiness is so stony so hard to commit and only for a select few? Do we think the others must find the way to us and if they do not arrive, they are not worth?
    But IΒ΄m sure, the way to happiness is only about starting a small step, it is always right on our doorstep and even the stupidest people make their way there. I hope your letting go and digging deeper brings inspiration. Please tell me if you’ve got any ideas, it interests me a lot and I know, that my thoughts about this are very limited.

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    • Thank you very much Anie for generously pouring out your thoughts. There is a lot of wisdom you say. You are right, you give love and only love comes back, and letting go is the way to move forward. And yes, every one is worthy and can take their own time with their choices. The greater Love is not a privilege of a select few. It is our responsibility to keep the space of Love continually cultivated for others to intersect in.
      I like to acknowledge any unsettling feelings that arise in my human ways. Some acts do catch me off-guard and makes me chew on my perspectives. I settle when I find a peaceful one, like in this poem.

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      • yes, there you have found a nice and tactful way. It is not great to be surprised by unpleasant feelings and it is very wise to be able to react peacefully and not get into things.

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      • Anie, here it means to give up our emotions and the reactions that got stirred up because of the envy. They are temporary and coming from the conditioned mind. When we surrender them, what’s left is closer to the true essence of our being. It feels more freedom and lightness to be that way.

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        • Thank you for the explanation. That is understandable and I can only agree with that. I would have to define the concept of envy for myself. Because with this word I can do little. Is it envy when friends do something and I get annoyed that I did not go with them, or is it jealous when I get angry, when I find less attention to a person, like someone completely foreign?

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          • I would say why explore the nature of unsettling emotions like that? πŸ™‚ They are not our higher Truths any way. They exist only when you see them that way. Otherwise we become free to live in the world of our Creation where we don’t perceive envy. I would ask for that gift always.

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            • Life can not always go smoothly, I understand that, but there is a difference between facing problems that are simply surrendering or dealing with problems you have built up for yourself.
              Here is always the question again what you actually did. But there we are again in the past, which is not changeable and we investigate the present, which jumps between the feelings, closes its eyes and screams ” ask somebody else” ….; ) …but you are right I ask for the gift to be free of this unsettlings emotions.

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