The Half Moon


Photo Credit : Rujuta Doshi “Half Moon in Amsterdam”

The Half Moon
Doesn’t hesitate
Shining its light
Until it becomes whole

The Half Moon
Doesn’t resist
Radiating its glow
Until it finds its soul

The Half Moon
Doesn’t have a need to be seen
It glistens regardless
Being its own Self, lustrous

… It is our gift if our window is open


Reflections of Moonย –ย Another poem for the Moon and its gifts on Infinite Living.

P.S. This post is a contribution to ForgivingFridays of ForgivingConnect, an inspiring blog by Debbie Roth.



80 thoughts on “The Half Moon

  1. Oh Pragalbha this is beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing this poem for Forgiving Fridays. To me, this speaks of the courage and faith it takes to open ourselves and share who we truly are – an act of faith when we don’t always see it ourselves. Love it and YOU! Happy to share this and thank you again. I am touched by your creativity and how you share it with us. Blessings and xo Debbie ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Even that half moon is complete in itself is it not? As a child I had often noticed the moon ‘following’ me everywhere but somehow along the path of growing up and adulthood, it has been taken for granted. My Little Princess now tells me that the shining moon is following her and that is when I noticed again. It has been there all along, shining its light on us abundantly and going about watching through many many nights gone by.

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