The Continuum

The journey begins - sunrise hour at Govindnagar beach - Havelock - revised version - 1F8A1233

Photo Credit : Atanu Chakraborty “The Journey Continues – Sunrise”

When some conflicting energies were caused
A seemingly positive momentum got paused
All paradigms got shuffled and tossed
The heart and mind buckled & distressed

There seems no choice looking back
…yet there is no seeming lack
As if unbeknownst suspended mid-air
…yet seemingly held by emerging faith

A new place of no momentum
…yet assured of some continuum
As if all there seems to be is deceleration
…yet a knowing of tremendous forward motion

You become acutely aware
That you are simply on a flow
The current is calm and slow
You stir your way like you fully know

Then when boredom sets in
You insist on rocking the boat
You seek the adventure & thrill
And then scramble to stay afloat

…That is exactly how you most rapidly grow.


Yoga – My Life & Work

This post is a contribution to ForgivingFridays , a profound space by Debbie Roth.


59 thoughts on “The Continuum

  1. Again, you’ve expressed the polarities of life so beautifully. This part resonates with me most:

    “Then when boredom sets in
    You insist on rocking the boat
    You seek the adventure & thrill
    And then scramble to stay afloat

    …That is exactly how you most rapidly grow.”

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  2. You are soooooo talented, the way you write, and use the dots, and the picture it all adds such a beauty to our words. Of course the post is profound as all you posts are. Life is a bit, all geared up to go , making it happen, and then – wooo when did I side track, when did be same o same everyday.. when did it be a treadmill to nowhere, but somewhere, …. do i make any sense !?

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  3. Yes you acutely aware, that you flow and that you are growing. Although it might hurt in leaving some moments of your past life and also beeing unpatient because you cannot embrace, what you want to but just have go on to belief.

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    • It is so much my happiness that you see these lines and know what I mean to say! Yes it is so much of a miraculous adventure to be in the flow. Thank you so much for taking the time for your thoughtful reflection.


  4. Awareness of stagnation extinguishes it, and is the real-eyes returning to the flow, even though they never really left it. Awesome!

    Loved ‘paradigms got all shuffled and tossed,’ and ‘the third paragraph especially! And awesome chat earlier again by the way πŸ™‚

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  5. Oh Pragalbha, this is a profound piece on the growth that comes with living – truly living, engaging, pausing and moving, and opening to the learning and growth of this! I sense such deep meaning in your poetry, it touches and moves my heart beyond the words. ❀ Thank you, thank you. I'm excited and honored to share this for #ForgivingFridays tomorrow. Love to you and happiest of New Years …Debbie

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