That Curious Space


Photo Credit : Vikram Phale “Force that cuts Through”

There is a way of life you flow through
There comes a force that just cuts through
Breaks you apart from what you live through
Wipes you out with that, what you grow through

The surge comes with no warning through
Momentum of what Is, replaced with what gashes through
Seems like all is stopped and slowed through
There is all of that, what is then struggled through

Then there comes surrender to faith through
Nuggets of precious insights, joyful moments trickle through
There is a space of wonderment created through
Between where you got pushed from & where you are being led through

Rest in that curious space, don’t rush through …


This post is a contribution to ForgivingFridays of ForgivingConnects of dear blogger/Kindness teacher Debbie.

68 thoughts on “That Curious Space

  1. Everything has its own pace and we must leave it at that. I am left in awe as to how you manage to bring a new and fresh piece of wisdom wrapped in the magic of poetry that I go back to read and re-read those lines, simply to get more and more meaning out of them.

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  2. Nuggets of precious insights, joyful moments trickle through
    There is a space of wonderment created through
    Between where you got pushed from & where you are being led through
    all of this and more, yes, yes ❀ thank you Pragal for your never ending wisdom ❀

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    • You sure made my day with your kind thoughtful visit and words on multiple of my posts πŸ™‚ Thank you very much truly!
      I have been hoping to find your work through the feed, and surely missed seeing any. I am glad to sense that all is well for you. Likewise I have been well too.

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      • Of course!! I missed your work! Things actually got pretty stagnant for a while just waiting to get back to Thailand and feeling like my life was currently unfulfilling at the time, but it was ok because it was in order to save so I could spend time abroad again hopefully for the majority of the year. Kinda funny we just talked about how difficult surrender is, and this is a situation where I failed at doing so gracefully. Ended up disconnecting from presence and having to deal with a lot of stuff from the past again. Always a hard time to get back out of the forest if you venture too far. Glad to hear things have been going well for you though πŸ™‚

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        • I so appreciate you sharing this! I very well relate to what you are saying. When things from past show up, the only choice is to remain present with that …I remember riding similar waves recently. As we keep going on this path I understand how difficult it can get to feel graceful πŸ™‚ We need to be kind to ourselves when we are finding our way out of the forest. Wish you a whole lot of joy and ease ahead!

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  3. This poem dear Pragalbha is a pure nugget of enlightenment.. So enjoyed each and every line.. ❀
    Its true, that which breaks us, creates us.. forcing us onto a different path, to go with the flow..
    A beautiful poem.. πŸ™‚

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  4. I had to read your words several times and just allowed Silence to incorporate them within. Your ability to describe Life Passages are incredible and every time I read something your have written I just sit in Silence as my Heart embraces your Message. Powerfully moving! Thank you so much for sharing your Talent with us, Pragalbha. You are so appreciated by me! Bless you! 🌹

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  5. Don’t rush through… it’s something I keep needing reminders of. it’s like all my life I have been rushing through and even though I lerned how important it is not to…yet habbit takes over when in the auto pilot mode. Thank you for this lovely reminder. πŸ™‚

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  6. Pragalbha, I am so honored and touched. This is an immense poem of wisdom, of surrender, of opening to the good, and of self-honoring. The last line, “Rest in that curious space, don’t rush through …” made me cry, it is so kind and caring.

    I am honored to share your poem this week for Forgiving Fridays. Thank you, thank you. ❀
    ps – One of the things I love is how you build to a crescendo (of letting go) with this poem and then it relaxes into this well of rest and peace. That's what it did for me! A blessing of making peace with myself.

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    • I am deeply touched, honored and humbled by your response dear Debbie. Your comment is precious to me in so many different ways. You shared truly how my poem felt to you in your experience. You shared with me how the construct of the poem flows to a peak and then restful peace. You gave such contentment to the writer in me with your thoughtful kind reflection and sharing on it. Immense gratitude and love to you.


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