Ripples & Space


Photo : Manish Doshi, Editing : Vikram Phale

Just Being
In the body
With the mind
No turmoil
No need
No hurry
No worry
No concept
No boredom
No ecstacy
No fantasy

Just Being
In the body
With the mind
No stillness
No movement
No silence
No sound
No reality
No dream
No solitude
No relations

Just Being
In the body
With the mind
No clarity
No confusion
No plan
No action
No knowledge
No ignorance
No buoyancy
No resistance

Just Being

Behind the mind

Just Space




Yoga – My Life & Work


58 thoughts on “Ripples & Space

    • I am happy it took you to that rare perfect moments. This was slightly different because I was aware of that space, felt a bit unfamiliar and that created some soft ripples …I didn’t question it, just practiced Being there.
      Thank you, lovely to know your thoughts on this,

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  1. Your picture was a perfect accompaniment to that beautiful poem. For me, Yoga was a form of exercise, an activity that helped me breathe better, get into a better shape and loosen up my body, but lately after reading so much about it and sensing the positive energy that you share, I have understood that Yoga is beyond just a form of exercise.

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    • Always a delight to know your thoughts on my poem 🙂 Bliss state I can imagine. Though I was in this space for a long time, few days, where I felt nothing …except unfamiliar and weird at times. This poem came in an attempt to describe that space.

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