Trust & Surrender


Photo Credit : Vikram Phale

To trust the timing
For the dreams simmering
Just tremendous faith
For what’s been intended

No doubt about fruition
Yet no vex or agitation
Just tremendous alignment
For what’s to be manifested

A necessary detachment
Before any enactment
What’s been asked, like seeds sown
Will be gifted, like a reality grown

Surrender to become the fulfilling channel
With such wondrous ease and intensity
What’s to be risen through the tenacity
Is the brightest yet humble luminosity

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74 thoughts on “Trust & Surrender

  1. Wise words, Pragalbha. I read and re-read the words. Caught in this material world of attachment, detachment is a tough task yet not one that cannot be achieved. Detachment, I have often heard, gets you to see the same aspects of life in a new light. Beautiful, Pragalbha. You must have given a lot of thought to this one.

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    • Detachment becomes a gradual and continual practice, each time myself in turmoils of emotional attachments. You are right, it opens us up for new perspectives. This poem emerged from such life experiences …it comes from beyond thought.
      I truly appreciate you taking time with this poem and sharing your thoughts. Thank you very much.

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      • It is not very easy for me to understand, but I try and learn. I have realized that letting go requires a continuous, gradual exercise. It is the fear and confidence that needs to be balanced. And over time, there is also a certain serenity, I think.

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  2. Loved the second stanza. Surrender is so hard. To be in acceptance with things not being optimal, but believing that although they can’t be changed now, that steps can be made to change them in the future. To be the receiver within the channel. Brilliant words again!! Glad to be back ๐Ÿ™‚

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