Life & Its Flow


Photo Credit : Vikram Phale

Life and its flow
Seems sometimes so very slow

Life and its frailty
Seems sometimes so much vulnerability

Life and its fond fantasy
Seems to come with so much expectancy

Life and its fierceness
Seems to carve through as if merciless

Life and its seeds we sow
Seems they take own sweet time to grow

Life and its moments
Seems we always need to augment

Life and its juiciness
Seems to come with no exactness

Truly relish, cherish, nourish
In each moment simply perish

Allow each new moment to flourish
Simply living unbelievably merrylish



57 thoughts on “Life & Its Flow

      • “do you really want to go out like that?” a great question for everybody all time. not? Everybody is responsible for himself, no? Even if you are a family or a couple,lovers..sticking together as one…everybody dies by his own, ergo everybody is responsible by himself…

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  1. Life is a Mystic. Clear and simple at times, others no. Beautifully penned and again so much Truth to behold. If we all but realized each Moment is in itself a Gift, never to repeat again, now if we could just grasp that concept I think a lot more of us would live life with a lot more reverence. I at times look at something that one of my cats is doing, and say to self, “This Moment is precious and will not happen again. Treasure this, Amy.” Even in the valleys and the lows, treasure it all. I absolutely adore the way you express in words your Heart. Much Love, Amy 🌹

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