Redefine Love


“Let True Love Break Through” Photo Credit: Niyati Shah, Editing: Vikram Phale

If it feels like a brick pressed on your heart
It is not love, it is a lie

If it feels like you are pressed for last drop of juice
It is not love, it is a lie

If you are being the jester entertainer
With no option ever of being a tad sadder
It is not love, it is a lie

If your inert silence is their boredom
It is not love, it is a lie

If you are making choices only for others’ happiness
With no regard for your own true joy
It is not love, it is a lie

If you are looked upon to fill every gap & hole
It is not love, it is a lie

If both your gratitude and contributions are taken for granted
It is not love, it is a lie

It is all a lie you told yourself
It is how you defined love to yourself
It is how you trained the other minds to feel loved
It is how they trained you to give or get love

Cast off gradually, all the wrong ways of love
Go through the storm of seemingly no love
Feel the pain of ripping off of so called love
Melt the brick at heart with Self love

Be kind to yourself and others involved
It is not always necessary relations be dissolved
Often takes every bit of resilience to have it resolved
Souls interacting unaware what is truly to be absolved

For each individual there be an unforced place
With in between a delicious space
Find joy for you that feels natural to you
Let the nectar of true Love drip in that space

Your choices allow a sense of liveliness
Intersect with one another radiating loveliness
Share your appreciation & apprehension
Not needing a wall for seperation

Find the feeling like never before defined
Immerse in love that feels unconditioned
Start over, only genuine regard expected
For every living soul, deep existence respected


P.S. This is a contribution to ForgivingFridays of dear Debbie’s blog Forgiving Connects

64 thoughts on “Redefine Love

  1. This is definitely now my favourite poem that you have written. I could relate deeply to each paragraph as I have been in situations before where I convinced myself that my daydreaming was reality.
    Sometimes we are our own worst enemies and pretend love for the short term, when really we know deep down that there is no true love for the long term. Wonderful post! 🙂

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  2. That is so sad to read. So much disappointment, bitterness and anger, which I can understand very well. I feel the same in so many points. But it just hurts so much because it is love not because it is lie. Circumstances can lie and situations can lie and people can lie. But love does not lie. It can not be manipulated and can not trick or lie. Love is above the lie and can ignore it and forget it when she gets a chance. It hurts me to read. And why, because it is love! The absence of the other aches, yes. But often you have to be absent, so you can cope with everyday life and gain strength to keep up? The way is not letting love go, but the lie.

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    • I agree with what you say about letting the lie go, the wrong definition of love go, true love then prevails. I am so sorry that you felt sad and hurt reading this poem. It is only my attempt at a straightforward description of life lessons from relations that I witness and experience around me. You have only to be present to yourself in finding your true joy to be able to have strength for everyday life. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

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      • You do not have to be sorry. You wrote true words for many people here. For me it is at the moment not possible to find joy in exerxday‘s life, because I‘m longing so much for her. And there is no everyday real life with her, only an obscure connection online. So it is lover‘s grief my allday‘s life.

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          • You can me call anie. Thank you for your explanations. They are really interesting and worth to ponder. In fact I never used to think much about things like this. And I think also for future I do not care if someone calls me unfree or free. If I feel good and my spirit can move and develop, I’m fine. I think I‘m just working different than you all here. I always loved myself. I never ever remember a time where I did not love myself. But my Happyness comes from interaction with others. And my joy of life comes from the love to my partner. I did always everything for my partner because this is my happiness. To be happy by my own is a thing, I can not really imagine at the moment, and I asked myself iöwhy I should?

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  3. Oh god, I love this! Thank you, thank you for sharing this wonderful poem for #ForgivingFridays. I really get your opening to unconditional loving, and joy, and kindness. It is beautiful. I’ll share this tomorrow! Many blessings, Pragalbha. ❤ Love, Debbie

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  4. Love as you know, starts with Self. And that no matter who you are, is a lifetime journey. Love is not possible between one who knows Love and one that does not know Love. Yet this is the illusion. Those that know not Love “think” they do know and that is their truth and hopefully nearby a time comes to show them the irrelevance of what was their definition of Love to morph into a new one. Step by step, we all head towards the same goal. And those who find OPEN Hearts find Love. Beautifully penned, allowing the reader much “thought. Thank you!

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    • I am so humbled and touched to read your beautiful comment. It is so gratifying to find not only agreement and acceptance, but also your deep and beautiful interpretation. Thank you very much for taking the time with kind thoughtfulness.

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    • ohh, I find this is something confusing. Everyone claims to know love. And I believe that too. Because love is a feeling, a great power that everyone feels. Who is allowed to judge what true love is? When two lovers meet and the spark is flown this person means everything, but everything to the other. Anything else does not matter! If, of course, it turns out that their view of love is completely different, then this is a disaster as it can not be worse.

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      • Everyone claims to know love that they think is true in the moment. No problem enjoying the spark …it is important to know that something that doesn’t last isn’t exactly true love. It is just us filling our emptiness with the help of the other. That never lasts. We have to become individuals capable of self-compassion in order to experience true love that isn’t dependent completely on the other person’s choices.


        • well, not replied love can be badly be enjoyed, infinite liveing! Nevertheless, thanks for your very good comment.
          If a love does not hold, it is not because it is not “true” in my eyes, it is because it is not bilateral. This has nothing to do with true or not true, because the truth is relative. Compassion is always important in a relationship, there you are completely right. as well as understanding. you must know your partner very well foe a long-term relationship.

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  6. This is a remarkable Poem, one that Feels, and knows, the words written here.
    “If you are making choices only for others’ happiness
    With no regard for your own true joy
    It is not love, it is a lie”

    I hope you are well dear Pragalbha and making perfect choices that put you at the centre of your well being.. 🙂
    You are so very talented in your muses my friend
    Have a perfect weekend.
    Sue 🙂

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    • Great comment,Sue! I have a question.What if the happiness of others bring me my joy? Am I in your eyes a Slave of Society, who Must be freed? But in fact I feel free and this was always a source for getting joy in life.

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      • To see the joy in others is a gift.. so long as it doesn’t infringe or impede the way of your own happiness.. Why would you think ” In my eyes you would appear a Slave of Society???”.. And ask yourself why did you ask should you be ‘Freed?’
        We are all here to ‘Serve’ but not at our own expense. For we all have the rights to happiness
        No one can free oneself , but one’self, depending of course if we are talking about emotional freedom of Joy and happiness.
        Happiness holds many forms and people search continually externally to find it.. It cannot be found out there.. Happiness and JOY.. is a state of BEing..

        Many thanks for posing the question. M.
        Have a blessed Day.

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  7. Many thanks for youranswer,which is great and I agree with everything. My question after ‚be freed‘ was only because I read so much about, that persons who are not 100% living their life for themselves are not free. But I feel free and get a lot of joy in spending time and effort in others…so it IS for me. Because it brings joy.And nobody has the right to judge my life.I have to judge myself and hope that the persons I love judge in the same way….have the same ideas…thank you again Sue

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    • Thank you for that explanation may I call you anie, as your Gavitar says that name?
      I would think anie that many who in fact ‘Think’ of themselves ‘Free’ are in fact not free at all.. We are either slaves to work, or the system in which we find ourselves part of.
      Which is why I said you have a ‘Gift’ in that you can find Joy in others.. Giving of one’s self is one of the biggest gifts we can give in helping others find Joy in themselves..
      And if you are so contented doing so, so be it..
      No one has a right to judge another unless they themselves have walked in their shoes.. And you are very correct, we only should be judging our own actions and behaviours..
      Many thanks for asking the question, I am pleased I came back to see if you had replied as your comment did not appear in my notifications as some times happens in WordPress..
      Take care of you.. In love and Light
      Stay Blessed. Sue xx

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  8. Well my answer did not come here, so I willl redo it. Sorry I´m really not very skilled in this post things.Thank you Sue for your comment. I always felt free, always loved myself. I have the most beautiful job in world. I like spending time in work and i do not care about money ( to be fair I never ever had problems with money and were grown up very protected)…I started to doupt a lot in my life, but I know it is not as worse as I thought. I can become a better human beeing every day and I just have to get in balance again with my emotions. I´m very pleased that you are all here to understand to speak to and to help, but I also know, that it is me who hass to decide and I have to tale care a lot to not get manipulated by anyone!

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