Don’t Judge Me

Enjoy Solitude - in a sea of morning gold - Sanur beach - Bali - IMGL1938

Solitude by Atanu Chakraborty

Don’t use your religion-ality
To judge my Spirituality

Religion teaches, there exists a spirit
Spiritualness is, within me, feeling it

Religion teaches what is to be followed sincerely
Spirit of life clear & evident as I listened truly

Sometimes ritual leads to the spirit
Sometimes the spirit invokes a ritual

You and I both seek the same treasure
The keys to it we differently measure

It is unrelenting mystery, this life
Not so easy when you with me at strife

As seekers we are led to the same Light
From you I seek your wisdom and insight

Will you reckon me as I am?
Your exact footsteps,
I might not follow them

I ask of you earnestly
Don’t use your religion-ality
To judge my Spirituality


86 thoughts on “Don’t Judge Me

  1. that’s wonderful infinite living,
    no, faith should always mean tolerance. I tolerate all the faiths who preach a righteous life and by their rules create a better coexistence and mutuality (also for the animals and the earth).
    Religion must not be brainwashing and no compulsion and I must be able to feel good. I beliefe at an endless power an energy that I call God and to whom I have always had a special relationship, far from the stories in the Bible. no I would never judge someone’s spirituality after a religion.

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  2. Whoa! If you knew what happened in my life recently you would say whoa too! You, dear friend, just confirmed a decision I made in my life just recently. Anyone who judges me from a religious point of view, I look compassionately towards but say, “You are not welcome in my life.” I am Spirit as we all are and if someone chooses to follow religion that is his or her choice, but do not judge me with the standards religion is so good at enforcing. Bless you for being used in a way that you didn’t even know to help me. ☺️

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    • ohh that is so hard. Everyone can believe what he wants and everyone should let everyone believe what he wants. What is the effect of faith is important. When people become peaceful, responsible and happy, the purpose is fulfilled for me. No, and I do not force anyone to do anything, nor do I condemn other beliefs, because I am tolerant. Against bad behavior, irresponsibility and aggressiveness one does not need to be tolerant and such people can also be said that there is no place in my life for them.

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    • Dear Amy, your photography and your ventures in nature are such proximity to pure spiritualness to me. I disagree with the perceived confinements of religion that deny simple pleasures and natural freedom in favor of established rituals. You sharing your courage towards those who judge you, supports me in my way that I choose to live. I am highly grateful that my poem was a contribution to you, just how you are to me.

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  3. I ask of you earnestly
    Don’t use your religion-ality
    To judge my Spirituality

    ah refreshing truth and creativity,
    expressed through individuality
    and breathing with a finality
    which lasts of all eternity…..
    kudos Pragal, kudos….<3 ❤ ❤

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  4. I was brought up as a religious person, then questioned everything and became spiritual. For me there is a huge difference between those two. But I never met anyone who was judging me, I noticed that people usually don’t know what it means to be spiritual and not religious. Strangely enough they don’t even ask me.
    “As seekers we are led to the same Light” – right, there is one light but many concepts, for me spirituality is the least conceptual way of feeling God.
 Whoever judges you – let them be, they are probably lost in the concepts 🙂

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    • people usually don’t know what it means to be spiritual and not religious. – I agree!
      spirituality is the least conceptual way of feeling God.
 – I love how you said this!
      Whoever judges you – let them be, they are probably lost in the concepts – Yes very true!
      It is amazing how you meet me at the exact essence of where I am coming from 🙂 I am so glad you didn’t feel judged and could enjoy the ease of it that way. Thank you very much for sharing that with me.

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      • 😀thank you. It’s difficult to describe spirituality, when we start to use words we fall into concepts, notions, opinions… I wrote once an essay about it but I don’t remember anymore what was it about 😄, it’s the deepest feeling of connection, with myself, with others, with god (whatever or whoever it is) and of course the realisation that I’m much more than my body and my mind

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        • these are beautiful thoughts with which I very much sympathize. The question is whether it can bring the same blessing, peace (or whatever it may be called) in life, like a religion?

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          • it’s a very good question because it helps me to explain the difference between those two. Everything what brings peace, blessing, love… can take it away. If you are religious you believe in the concepts/idea’s it gives you but the day you crash against something which brings doubts you may lose your faith. The feeling of peace and blessing may dissappear. You may feel abandoned, empty, lonely…
            And spirituality is not about faith, is not about believing in anything… It’s not about receiving something. It’s about coming back to the source, to the original self, being a child of god not because someone told us we are but because we feel we are, it’s about becoming peace, love, blessings (instead of receiving it)

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            • Oh, that’s frankly hard for me to understand. But I think that one must also think about it in order to understand it. I think it is definitely more meaningful and believable to be someone because you feel like someone, not because you are told. It is the purer and more honest variant. The requirement is, that you feel at all…; ) …. and unfortunately also do not prevents any doubt, fear and pain …

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  5. I’m a spiritual person who reads the bible daily and go to church. But I’m not religious. For some odd reason some people can’t get that. No matter what you believe you’re going to be judged. I use to believe the religious people judge the most. But lately I’ve seen many spiritual people judging them.
    Great post!

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    • I agree with you 100%. Judgment is but a human tendency. I completely respect religion, there is so much wisdom. Yet I am not able to be defined by it. I went through a phase of needing acceptance for my being so. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts in support.

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  6. Exactly, we all of us are seekers of the same goal,

    “You and I both seek the same treasure
    The keys to it we differently measure”

    All be it we each have different perspectives .. It matters not.. for there is only one goal. and that is LOVE..
    May you remain blessed and loved Pragalbha ..
    Enjoy a peaceful weekend 🙂

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  7. You are so right. Let‘s pray that there is not only a lifelong search in sense and love. Let‘s pray that our primitiv longings for love and togetherness in life will be fullfilled aswell soon. I wish you also a peaceful weekend.

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  8. This is a very good piece. I have never been able to make a “formal religion” connection. I envy those that have, but a spiritual approach to each day sure makes a powerful difference. 🙂


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