So close to home


Photo Credit : Manish Doshi, Editing : Vikram Phale

So close to home
And as if trying to find my way
Just around the corner
And feeling as if lost on the way

Oh so puzzled
Mind all muddled
Oh usually that’s the way
It is, they say

It’s human, regular human
Easy to relate
Better than to create
And to reach home solemn

Relate to everyone around
Than create your path abound
Former may seem easy
Latter a thrill to foresee

So close to home
In there is it very lone?
Just around the corner
Seems fun to linger

There’s plenty of company
And also sometimes misery
Should I just go home
And see how it is to be lone?

All puzzled and muddled
I enter my home
To be cuddled
In my own heart and soul

Wish someone would accompany
There is a threshold though
Beyond which only I can go
It really doesn’t help to have anybody

Take the step, take the plunge and dive
Take your puzzles and the muddles
Rest them there and watch them live
Don’t solve the riddles
Don’t push nor let them cling really
Give them a place
And they will go away actually
Ah! this home is a peaceful space

Back out in the world
And around the corner again
Still trying to find my way
New found faith to help stay

The puzzles and the muddles
Don’t bother now
A light flickers every step of the way
Just follow the instinct I say

So close to home now I know
While always trying to find my way
I do often revisit home
Now that I also love to be lone …


36 thoughts on “So close to home

  1. “The puzzles and the muddles
    Don’t bother now
    A light flickers every step of the way
    Just follow the instinct I say”
    These lines, they are spectacular and unleashing! πŸ™‚

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  2. Beautiful as always. You really make one think woth ypu poems, always well written and profound. I always look forward to your post cause you challenge me to think. Thank you for a fantastic post..

    Life journey a puzzle and muddle. Hime can give a cuddle and sometimes home is the puzzle the muddle. Home is when I am at peace with the Divine all whole and complete, no puzzle or muddle there. But muddle puzzle is how to get there and the courage it takes to get there.. thats life journey..

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  3. This describes wonderfully the dilemma, the path to the solution, and the sense of comfort once the solution is tested. I guess we all search for that home at some point in life…only to discover that at the core it can only be your own refuge, to get to know your own self and discover your own truths. Thank you for sharing, I so relate to this journey!

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