One Problem


Photo Credit : Vikram Phale

There is one problem
With acquiring any Wisdom

You ought to keep living It

It stares at you at every turn
As if bright headlights …

67 thoughts on “One Problem

  1. I imagine wisdom like God. It may watch you but you can not influence it. You live your life, as it is given to you and how it is tolerable and the wisdom stands by your side and caresses you or turns away to catch a better moment.

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  2. In living it continually we get wiser, as tgat wisdom refines a lot more. I see it as the beauty of life to keep improving because then you are LIVING…other we are just dry..

    There is a quote by someone i forget who.. it kinda goes like this. Many of ou die at 25 but physically die at 75… it tefers to the fact many stop learning and improving because we have left school..

    So for me the joy of living and wisdom is keep on learning and keep up with the integrity and humility.. and wisedom sharpens..

    Great post as always.

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  3. Immensely powerful! Wisdom is earned and if not lived will leave. And once earned/learned as one is walking it out is very very challenging unitl you adjust getting ready for another level of Wisdom to come on in. LOVE your analogy of the bright headlights. Anyone who is walking seeking Truth who does attain increments of Wisdom, OH how they at every turn assess and compare what is now to what was then. Beautiful and thank you! ❀

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