Of Faith & Fear


“Faith feels expansive & brings gifts magical” Photo Credit : Vikram Phale

Faith in something
That you are in doubt ruminating
Feels to me more like fear
If it never helps your mind go clear

Faith in something merely habitual
That comes more from a need to control
Feels to me like fear and a certain limitation
If it does not bring any relief or evolution

Faith in another human
That becomes how you are dependent
Feels to me another escape of fear
If it doesn’t show you your path clear

Faith that is instilled when juvenile
That often makes authentic choice seem criminal
Feels to me a crop of anxiety fertile
If you sense different, as if your life is futile

Faith is something incredible
That makes your choice seem inevitable
Feels to you more like most logical
If it even is something that seems impossible

Faith in something beyond thinking
That is beyond ideas of exact executing
Feels to me beyond need of explanation
If at work, no fear or anxiety in question

Faith flows as if a knowing of reality
That comes of the Self, not of your owning
Feels always assured, never unsteady
If you find it, no place for fear or anxiety


P.S. Someone sent me a question “What is my fear or anxiety trying to tell me?” I asked myself ” What is the opposite of fear?” “Faith” came the answer to my mind. This poem came in response to her question. If I am lucky I might come to know if I answered her question. I am eager to know all comments and interpretations, or more questions on this.

53 thoughts on “Of Faith & Fear

  1. Oh, this is a great, profound poem. Thanky a lot for sharing.
    The opposite of fear is faith. Yes that is a good idea. You write that faith partly feels like fear, so would the feeling of these opposites be the same? I rather believe that this fearfeelings about faith is just the absence of the faith … thus the doubt…..the more faith the less fear, no? Oh yes, Sue, and we should never forget love…but this becomes even more difficult.

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    • I am so glad you found this deep.
      You are saying exactly what I mean. Fear and doubt exist because of lack of faith. As you said, the more faith the less fear! Faith feels like fear when we are not clear or becoming dependent on false ideas.

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      • yes but still with your last sentence I have problems…if you say “dependent on false ideas” than it is this the cause of fear which takes a bit more place from the place the faith should be…but you are completely right it is important, that the right idea is behind everything. Sometimes we have to correct only the ideas and there is more place for faith!

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  2. A very acute analysis of faith and fear. It is very easy to mistake dependency, escape or fear induced ideas for faith…your poem tells what faith should feel like and that’s just beautiful.

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  3. Such words of wisdom! Your poem has prompted me to examine my own understanding of faith. If one places faith in something or someone as a means of escaping fear, one is actually giving power to fear. Faith in oneself enables one to face fear and overcome it, rather than being dominated by fear.

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  4. Faith is the humble admission that we do not know the totality of everything and that there are things possible of which we have no understanding therefore allowing us to believe those things which are beyond

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  5. For me the opposite of fear is love but reading your poem I started to see the meaning of faith in this context too because when I think of faith as trust (in general) I feel love 😄

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    • We have to explore to find our individual answer – I love that you extracted this! It is indeed such an individual exploration – true faith can lead us to our most authentic choices, bringing joy to out heart and soul. Thank you very much for sharing your thought.

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  6. I love how to started off exploring the idea of fear and then as the poem progressed, it went to faith. The two are opposite and yet somehow combined. But true faith like you said, does not contain fear or anxiety. This has really made me think about my own feelings towards it. Perfectly wrote as always.

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  7. This sounds accurate to me. I’d never thought about it, but faith is the opposite of fear, in a sense because faith requires trust in whatever it is you’re doing; whereas, fear stems from being afraid of all types of things (e.g., the path, people, the outcome, etc.).

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  8. Yes! this is prolific and thought-provoking. One to treasure and your journey through this piece with grace. I hope you hold dear to it and put out the fire of fear, with the living water of faith. this was excellently written. thank you for sharing.


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