Silent Communication

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Photo : Pragalbha Doshi, Editing : Vikram Phale

We know there is so much to say to each other
Yet at times we don’t, a word utter

We came here with a soul contract
What makes us then at times retract

There are puzzling times trying to decide
Whether to say it or let it slide

There are other times of peace
When past spoken words bring ease

There is a feeling of contentment
After what feels like communication silent

There is relief in the assumption
The other knows exactly in intention

All that was left unsaid
So much that was often withheld

There is sometimes this entire conversation
In that which is silent communication


53 thoughts on “Silent Communication

  1. A thoughtful muse dear Pragalbha, and sometimes, Silence is best.. as we let everything else Go..
    We humans often allow ourselves too much attachment to the spoken word.. allow memories of what was said or not said to fester the heart.. So releasing and coming to rest within the silence can heal on many levels ..
    It also gives us time not to perhaps speak out in words we may also regret later..

    I wish you a wonderful weekend in Peace and reflection..
    Sue πŸ™‚

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    • True Moushmi, such person is truly worth everything. Thank you.
      My point of view is that there need not be one person like that, if we look closely there are such silent communications in numerous of our interactions, it is us who is attached to the spoken word.

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      • Agreed! We are really dependent on language as a means of communication. In my paper this semester we had to study the importance of languagae, but at a deeper analysis, we got to know that it is only humans that are so dependent on language, where as animals and birds are free of any such bondage’s. true, that they have limited forms of communication, but despite that they can really work their way through.
        (I know I couldn’t summarize it well but once one studies this topic, it gets more clear :-D)

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  2. As the superior beings in the universe, one of the important features that makes us better than animals is the means to communicate. Yet, it is silence that sometimes does speak loud and clear and at other times, we need to learn to swallow our words for the situation may demand so.
    As always, a lot left for the reader to reflect upon, Pragalbha.

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  3. So beautifully written, PD. And amazed as always, at finding a connection to what you have already written…and the resonance in your words, and their depth, so often adds further clarity and meaning to my own present thoughts! Thank you so much for sharing the link.

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