Perfect Duos


Photo by Pragalbha Doshi

Amazement & Gratitude

Contentment & Solitude

Accomplishment & Finitude

Refinement & Attitude

Commitment & Certitude

Moment & Quietude

Judgment & Perspective

Alignment & Aptitude

Enlightenment & Fortitude

Detachment & Habitude

I am so amazed of what gratitude can do, and so grateful for the amazements that come my way.

P.S. This came out of some moments of boredom in the day. I would love to know your thoughts, even if you think this was kind of boring πŸ™‚
Peering into the beautiful flowers and then pairing these words did take my boredom away.


45 thoughts on “Perfect Duos

  1. A few of these I really liked are as follows:

    I think gratitude is so important, one of the main keys of happiness, and once you fully embrace it everything becomes so much more amazing, even the mundane.

    Perspective gives you better judgment, but at the same time I think the more perspective you have the less inclined you are to pass judgment.

    Curious as to your thoughts on ‘enlightenment and fortitude’ and ‘detachment and habitude.’ πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing, have had fun with these!

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    • You are absolutely right. Gratitude makes the most mundane into amazing! Love your interpretation of perspective and judgment. They are almost interchangeable that way.
      Path to enlightenment asks for mental strength and courage …even if we don’t reach enlightenment, we can use the fortitude on the way …maybe I stretched this too much hehe …but you see boredom made me do this LOL
      I would love detachment to be my new habitual pattern …as I keep becoming aware of my attachments ….

      Thank you for making this fun for me!

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      • Hmmm that’s interesting, we definitely don’t want to be too attached to things, do you think if we detach ourselves too much though it could potentially cut in the grounds of creating walls or limiting our vulnerability? Just playing devils advocate πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘Ή

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        • You are right on about creating walls …I tread these elements of detachment all the time in my process. The practice is more about engaging whole-heartedly without attachment to outcome or things staying the same. Everything changes and flows – that’s how a habit of detached attitude is a valuable practice.
          I loved playing these ideas with you, truly!! πŸ™‚

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  2. I’ve seen some studies that show that the most profound or innovative things come out of down time, quiet time, solitude..
    In a busied world we consider silence boredom but it is in the nothingness of time where everything can be found.. most of all Gratitude..
    I’ve not been to your blog for a while and you have some beautiful writings …. continue your share.. your voice needs to be heard

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    • It is my delight to have your kind and thoughtful reflection on my work. You are my one of my first wordpress friends πŸ™‚ I am always happy to stumble upon one of your beautiful poems. Thank you so much for your encouraging words.

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  3. I do not think that you could write a poem that is ever considered boring. You have such a beautiful flow when you write and I always feel a certain way after reading. Gratitude is not thought of enough. The more you appreciate what you have and look for amazements in your life, the more happiness and gifts you receive. It links to positivity.

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  4. Often the moments what they call “boring” are when we look inwards. When nothing much is happening and we invest some time to look within. Only beauty can be born out of such moments. Just like your poem.

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