Living Life Head On


Take on the Waves by Pragalbha Doshi

When the life waves
Of agony and despair
Rise high in the air

Take them head on
For once, instead of
Escaping ashore until gone

The most arduous choice
Often results in
The most amazing rejoice

Let the wave wash over
A gift of clarity
It will cleansingly shower

A trust that is your inner knowing
Keeps you grounded
While as if almost drowning

Find yourself after
Like-never-before standing
Surviving and refreshfully thriving


P.S. Dear Debbie, please accept this poem as my contribution to ForgivingFridays.

47 thoughts on “Living Life Head On

  1. You just a fantastic way with words. Short and sweet. Poetic and powerful. The message sent and undrrstood so beautifully. Poetry is not my strong point nor is writing.

    Anyway.. really another great post and it true when we ride the storm and we surive and we are then stronger and wiser. But sometimes before riding the storm i like to sit with the divine and gain clarity and courage to ensure i ride that way cortectly, otherwise i could be a bull in a china shop and it will worse than before..

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    • You are a generous heart! 🙂
      Oh I so relate to the bull in the china shop. I agree with your perspective. To be steady and still to allow divine guidance to wash over – is the essence of my poem. Thank you so much truly for sharing your thoughts!

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  2. So beautiful. I needed to read something inspiring today and this has given me a lease of positivity. “A trust that is your inner knowing keeps you grounded”. We have to trust in ourselves and when life gets tough, look deep and find a new sense of ourselves.
    This has made me want to published more of my poetry.

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  3. Oh this is beautiful poetry. So inspiring to me.

    Feel free to contribute this to Forgiving Fridays! Just include a ping back to my most recent FF post and #ForgivingFridays in your tags! I’d be honored. Love, and blessings to your sons 😚

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  5. Beautiful and poignant. Really love this piece. The importance of internal exploration so we can surf any wave on the outside.

    “The most arduous choice
    Often results in
    The most amazing rejoice”

    Especially loved these lines. Such truth to it lol.

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  6. Oh, Pragalbha, you captured perfectly what it is like to open one’s arms to the agonies of life instead of scurrying away to escape. Though the pain is brutal at times when it clears the person you once were has now changed to someone with greater clarity, strength, self-confidence, and self-empowerment. Thank YOU for sending me to this post. Your words touched me deeply! Your talent with words to describe something is incredible! Bless you! ☺️

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