Guilty of Solitude?


My Solitude

…And this came up, as I looked at yet another photo from my personal retreat.

And how long did it take me
To be here and be this
Just be with such joy of being
With myself and that too with no guilt?

And how long did it take me
To realize that being here and being this
Being with myself with such joy
Does not hurt any other role of mine
That it makes me only better in all the roles
That I have been blessed with on earth?

And how long until I was willing to be
In such places and times
That bring up pure gratitude and bliss
These places and these times living in me
In ways that I don’t really anything miss?

And how long until I realized
That I had felt ever so lonely
While in the midst of all crowd
That in solitude I was never really alone?

I have all of so many souls and their journeys living in me
I have become this person made of all of you
That I keep drifting off in this space
Of thoughts & impressions of you all
And then just nothing but this pure space
Of being in this pure space on earth …

64 thoughts on “Guilty of Solitude?

  1. What you wrote is just perfect way of life…its true for everyone but seldom understood. We are always our own in this world..but we are in the illusion that we are with spouse, kids and family….important thing is to understand and accept being your own is the way to reach peaceful state and make the best of it. Yes we all like the company of loved ones.. that’s ok too. but that’s just an add on.. like a cherry on the top!

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  2. And how long until I realized
    That I had felt ever so lonely
    While in the midst of all crowd
    That in solitude I was never really alone?
    I think I liked this one the most out of all of it, although it was all so very good, this stood out. Nice photo and it looked like a lovely retreat for you ❀

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  3. This is wonderful, And we should never feel guilt for enjoying our own space, and relaxing within our own solitude and thoughts dear Pragalbha,
    And you are right.. We are never alone.. When we are within our own world of making.. And I love nothing better than creating within my imagination when alone. We can find so much peace when we climb inside of ourselves and seek out who else resides inside of us..

    Love and Blessings my friend.. Keep enjoying your time alone.. And would love to have your Hammock swing within my own garden to relax upon lol ❀

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    • We can find so much peace when we climb inside of ourselves and seek out who else resides inside of us.. – I loved this statement of your’s very much! We create our realities from this space so much.
      I truly appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughtful reflection on my post.
      Haha yes, that hammock swing is a memory of my retreat …I use the photo to relax in that LoL.

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  4. Hi, oh isn’t this the most beautiful, poem, song ever. No guilt in solitude, just the joy of learning who I am, the beauty that is me, the strength that is in me, the courage to change that needs to change, all because I take time to sit in solitude and change… ooooohhhhh sooooooo beautiful I sooooo enjoyed this. Music to my heart. great piece.

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  5. This has to now be my favourite poem of yours. I believe we need alone time and solitude at certain moments, can help us to flourish. We have many journeys within us and we should not box ourselves into one impression or thought, of who we are.

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  6. what a wonderful post!
    It looks like a long path of loneliness, whithout the deep love of a partner. The lines are so deep and emotional and everyone knows how you can feel lonely in large quantities of human beings.

    What you wrote is often way of life and it is really importent to love oneself and feel good. But I do not find that a partner and family is an add on. I really believe in big soulmate love. In partnership with make one thing of two persons. Deep love to one special person, but also the love to family and friends is the biggest gift of life. And I wish everybody on earth to find his big love!

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    • You have read my poem very deeply and opened up another window of perspective. I greatly appreciate your comment with huge respect!
      I too believe in soulmate love, and I also believe that it is impossible to open up to the Big love without evolving in Self love. Without that all relations feel like add-ons. I am delighted to have your thoughts on the biggest gift of life. I am with you in your wish that everyone finds this big love.

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  7. itΒ΄s true selfloving is also very important for a relationship, because otherwise there are allways fear and doupt…but do you not think that selflove can develope IN a partnership, when the person realize how much he is loved and admired?

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      • thank you for answering infinite Living, yes you are surely right! I thought a lot about:
        “That I had felt ever so lonely
        While in the midst of all crowd
        That in solitude I was never really alone?”
        I have been wondering if this is written seriously, or in any way cynical. But well, maybe you are not alone in your loneliness, because there are so many thoughts who can be send out and surely also can be received.

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        • It was written seriously, Marvel. Next 2 lines explain how I am not really alone in my solitude, I am made of all the souls that have crossed my path and thoughts about them fill me.
          I feel greatly honored and gratified that you spent time reflecting on my poem. Thank you for the conversation.

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