Beautiful Life & YOU


Precious Times & Me

Sometimes being in a certain place nourishes more than any food can ever could. That’s how I feel when I look at this photo from a personal retreat I had been to.

There was so much perfection of space and time. A Hafiz poetry book just as if walked up to me …drenching my soul in the feeling of eternal love and contemplation for hours. Just the memory of that time at this place brings a luxurious peaceful feeling to me.

This moment now I am feeling such grace of gratitude flow through me. I wish to go back to that place yet I don’t need to. Those hours and moments in that place are just alive in me forever.

Such moments are a gift of this lifetime. They keep you satiated in precious ways. They help you find the treasure of gratitude for exactly where you are.

The yearning and the seeking takes a break. Right now is one such moment for me.

I am thinking of every single person and soul that has been a perfect intersection in my life. All those who have been perfection to my existence. You called me at perfect times. You said the perfect words …as if speaking aloud the whispers of my soul that were being dumbed down by the outer noise. Yes, YOU. YOU know who you are.

I am thinking of all those with whom I am virtually connected with. You are as real in my world as any other, because your words have made priceless difference to me. You have helped me live my dream life of seeing, acknowledging and connecting at the most authentic level.

I think of all the people that I have not been a best of myself to. I have often faltered in my human ways. I have been very sorry in my heart. I am yet to find the courage to get to each one of you. To melt the walls of thickness between us. I am grateful for you.

I look at this photo of mine at this place and feel gratitude for my time on Earth and the beautiful life that keeps coming to me. This is how I feel in this moment now. For now, that’s all. And now.

May all of the beauty of life flow in all preciousness to us all …and we flow in life with ease and joy.


P.S. Dear Debbie, it is my pleasure to make this post a contribution to ForgivingFridays. You are a kind loving presence in this space.


56 thoughts on “Beautiful Life & YOU

  1. “I wish to go back to that place yet I don’t need to. Those hours and moments in that place are just alive in me forever.”
    I loved what you said in these lines, I’ve felt this so often, so good to see my feelings perfectly wrapped in words!

    Spectacular attitude of gratitude! Thank you for beautifying our lives with your posts di πŸ™‚

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  2. I am glad to see someone being happy with whatever happening in life. Seen enough of unsatisfied people and the complaints, and always wondered why people don’t have acceptance and satisfactions at things? The attitude in which you wrote shows that you are a winner ..whatever the life throws at you.. Glad to connect up with you.. Stay blessed and stay happy.. btw beautiful picture!

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    • Thank you very much Raj for reflecting back what you see. You are kind and have deep insight. The way you describe objects and aspects of photography shows how profound your thought process is. I could write lengthy philosophical posts on some statements you make πŸ™‚
      I am very grateful to connect with you. Thank you.


  3. The content was just so peaceful. You look at peace with yourself and everything around you. I pray that you continue to feel this way. Lovely picture too. Take care.

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  4. Wow. What a powerful retreat this was! It sounds peaceful and so rejuvenative for you. This is an amazing line: “This moment now I am feeling such grace of gratitude flow through me.”

    Good for you. I honor and respect your way. Blessings of peace to you each step of the way.

    Hafiz is one of my favorite poets. Here’s a great quote you may like πŸ™‚ : “We have come into this exquisite world to experience ever and ever more deeply our divine Courage, Freedom, and Light.”

    If you want to, I’d be honored for you to share this post for Forgiving Fridays.
    Anyway, if you’d like to share, you’re welcome. Just include #ForgivingFridays in your tags & a pingback to the last post I did:

    LOVE to you & your gorgeous son! (Don’t you have two?)

    ps – your son is welcome to contribute another poem to Forgiving Fridays too! ❀

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