Being Positive Truthfully


Crimson and Pink by Pragalbha Doshi

I am 
committed to
Seeing only the good

I would live
As if 
drugged on positive

I would receive
Even from one trying to deceive

That doesn’t mean
I wouldn’t speak up

That doesn’t mean
You can 
mock me into upset

That doesn’t mean
You can’t hurt me

If I think you can treat me better
I will definitely show your error

Only means, to me, you matter

I am impassioned to
Smelling the rose with glee

That doesn’t mean
The thorn wouldn’t prick me

I love and live to see
The beautiful crimson and pink

That doesn’t mean
I never see the brown and green


This post first appeared on Medium in This Glorious Mess


34 thoughts on “Being Positive Truthfully

  1. I loved this post a lot. ‘Positivity with reality perceived’

    “If I think you can treat me better
    I will definitely show your error
    Only means, to me, you matter” such incredible lines. They show strength as well as soft heartedness, just in right proportions. Exactly what I aspire 💙

    Beautifully penned. 🙂

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  2. God I love this. “To me, you matter”. That is truly gorgeous. I’m in a coaching retreat this week, and we do an exercise where we see each other. (Say “I am here to be seen” and the other person responds “I see you” and vice versa) Lots of blessings to you and your son, Debbie

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    • Thank you!!
      For bringing those 4 words back to me.
      For sharing with me the very profound exercise from your retreat. Feeling Not Seen is such a deep wound for so many. I am so glad you got to be at the retreat!
      For your love and blessings always!

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