Parallel Disappointment


Photograph by Pragalbha Doshi

You are disappointed
Because I don’t envy you
I am disappointed
Because you won’t connect with me

We simply See each other
To intersect, not bother
It is our insistence
To be on the parallel track
In this ocean of existence



P.S. This post first appeared on This Glorious Mess on Medium


50 thoughts on “Parallel Disappointment

  1. Omg definately deep. PUZZLING yes.

    I guess it says to me.. we all exist in our own right, that we are busy in our existence to be concerned with each other. We coexist on plant earth but we cant be bothered to care. But we feel envious and disappointed with each other. It is one big hippocracy that we live.. we want and dont want each other…

    I dont know i am rambling.. there is so much depth to youe 8 lines..

    Always wonderful to read.

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  2. Infinite Living, I can’t believe how well you captured something that I have ‘felt’ and never could capture. I fear it is part of the way we our developing our world. Though I’m sure every time period has had these feelings….though they change to some degree with the times.

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  3. This is amazing……..i think everyone has at least one person who would never agree or appreciate and at the same time never agree to sort out the differences………and from their perspective that person would be us. Brilliant! 🙂
    p.s. i just found out about medium, followed you! seems like a cool place.

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