Silent Reflection


Photograph by Pragalbha Doshi

This silence
This silence today
It is a rich one

This silence
This silence in this moment
It is full

This silence
This silence right now
It is empty

This silence
This silence quiet
It is a new one

Heart feels to the brim
Soul seeks nothing
Wisdom knows, this is no whim

My existence wants to stay still
Not reaching nor releasing
Words any don’t suffice or fulfill

All lessons learned until
Are to be made into living
There is no sense of striving

Being with myself isn’t excruciating
Yet this silence is something
That would want to unload some desiring

This silence
This silence today
It is revealing

There is indeed
A contentment underneath
A clarity from without and within

37 thoughts on “Silent Reflection

  1. This poem is really beautiful….Silence maintains someone’s inner peace…. Its soundless, yet meaningful that resonates in the air.

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  2. You write the most exquisite poetry Pragalbha Silence can also be a friend, when the outside noise of the world gets overwhelming..
    Many thanks for your recent visit.. I have enjoyed browsing your beautiful words here.
    Wishing you a Beautiful and Peaceful Day in those silent interludes..
    πŸ’– Sue

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