Photo Credit: Vikram Phale

Suffering is a sweet poison
One that seems to come without a choice
It stings sharp and deep
While it releases the nectar of Truth
It ends only after it has revealed
What’s hiding underneath

Yes, you surely dislike it
It asks for a new way of being
Once you embrace it
It’s definitely more than sweet

Lot of times we dislike what we need
And need what we dislike
Suffering makes sure we choose
That which we Must choose

It cracks us open to the light of our soul
May you now play any role
Your truth will behold

Makes you wonder who chose who
You chose the suffering
Or the suffering You

50 thoughts on “Suffering

  1. So intense and deep meaning… Yes suffering gives some pain for some time but it is better to fight rather than to give it up… This is an “eye-opening” read for those take suffering as a burden… Liked this poem a lot… πŸ™‚

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  2. Well penned, Pragalbha. Suffering and the pain of poverty sometimes feels like a trap that you simply cannot escape, but only a fighter makes a difference, like the many who have thrived and turned out an inspiration for the world to see.

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