Questions Answered


Unfolding of Bliss

I was amused at these questions to me asked
I would love answering them
With all that comes to heart

You practice yoga, you still got sick?
You teach yoga, you still get mad?
You are a poet, why do you get often sad?

I practice yoga, not to be always blissed
I practice yoga to always be blessed
With the awareness of all that I feel
With my emotions often I reel
Sometimes feel them so deep and so swell
That is how I am capable of teaching so well

I don’t veil the humanness in me
To showcase the spiritualness in me
You can underestimate me
Or just try and converse with me

I am not always at bliss
I feel I know the way to bliss
I have tasted it, felt it
Stumbled on my way to it
Countless times!

I intend to keep going
You can count on me
To truthfully show you exactly how and where I fell
That’s how a true yoga teacher to me, I can tell

I am a poet, often express the woeful sad
I find all emotions in gratitude clad
Once all beautiful emotions become words
I feel the bliss of pure joy, nothing hurts

Life and yoga and poetry
People and emotions and sundry
All seamlessly blended and lived
And experienced and felt through
I am that person who can uplift you
While immersed in the trenches of my own life stew

There is a lot in life to look up to
You can come with me and I with you
I am a human permeable to all that is life
At times I feel I permeate all that is life!



49 thoughts on “Questions Answered

  1. I fully understand what you want to say, I had the same problem but then I came to conclusion that even if I solved a lot and came to a much more peaceful and lovely place I’m still a human with still some scratches and as long as I’m working on becoming the better version of myself it is ok

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    • Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts in support. Yes it indeed is a never-ending journey in attaining peace and then there is another level of the same process. Becoming the better version of myself, as you say, is what it is.

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      • πŸ™‚you’re welcome. When you start this process and you go far and put a lot of efforts and sometimes you catch yourself on falling back again you don’t want anyone to see it and I saw people faking like they couldn’t admit they are not “enlightened ” yet in the sense that the ego still wins sometimes, and for me sometimes it was hard too but finally I

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        • I agree, these are very true human revelations that each one of us get, while on the journey. It is too much hard work to live to try to fake it, the same energy put in the rigor of Self development is a better way to go …it is vulnerable and courageous.
          I am very grateful that you shared your reflection in this space.

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  2. This is a great post and response.

    Life is full of duality and it will be .. for i believe in the cycle of time we at darkest and painfullest of all ages. We once were so happy , but birth after birth made us lose our happiness. So if i practice spirituality and yoga and meditation and i am still is because the heal of this biryh and past biths karma is taking place and in that healing the pain is being freed. There is no magic wand that says..oh you practice yoga , spirituality, poetry that you are fixed. These are part of the process that may take a life time to heal permanently..

    Only a person who is engaged in self discovery and healing , will know one is fixed overnight it is a process..

    I am disappointed that anyone could ask such questions of you. But i also get, that no human being is alike in their understanding. I understand when taking a spirtual path one has to be strong because more people are against what the dont understand or dont want to.

    Sorry for the long comment. Your responses are wise, measured and beautiful.

    Regards bella

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  3. “Once all beautiful emotions become words
    I feel the bliss of pure joy, nothing hurts” I could relate to this completely. So often, I pen down things troubling me and I feel so relaxed after I do so.
    “I am a human permeable to all that is life
    At times I feel I permeate all that is life!”
    I really loved these two lines. They are so beautifully written.
    A very nice post Pragal di πŸ’™πŸ™‚

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  4. Ah! Beautifully answered. I’m hoping no one actually asked you so. I don’t know who has more of a right to be sad even if for others, than a poet. They practically swim in sorrow! And we’re all human, to never be mad is like denying that fundamental truth. Well penned πŸ™‚

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