No …you didn’t!

You didn’t mess it all up.
You didn’t!
You showed up.
With all that you had in you.

You didn’t lose anything.
You didn’t!
You showed up.
You got exactly and all out of it.

You learned something
About yourself and about that thing.
You showed up.
You will never be the same again
When you show up next.

You didn’t mess it all up.
You didn’t lose anything!


Thank you dear Debbie for accepting this as a contribution to ForgivingConnects. I am always deeply enriched with peace when reading your posts.

35 thoughts on “No …you didn’t!

  1. This takes me back to another time and place. I always thought I had messed up but like you said, I had showed up and it took a lot of strength, I clearly remember that.
    Thank you, Pragalbha, it felt like you wrote this poem for me.

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  2. Oh this is gorgeous, thank you! My spiritual mentor John-Roger says that the willingness to do gives the ability to do. Showing up is such a representation of that willingness – yay! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Feel free to contribute this to Forgiving Fridays, if you want to! Just tag #ForgivingFridays and include a pingback to my most recent post. (Here’s the link if helpful:

    Have a beautiful day. Debbie

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    • Yess! Perfectly said that showing up represents the willingness and courage of the Being. Thank you for sharing your spiritual mentor’s words.
      I have happily added this post as a contribution to Forgiving Fridays ๐Ÿ™‚
      Peace, ease and joy Debbie!

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      • Yay! That’s wonderful. And I am really enriched by joy with your posts. Thank you. โค Sending you much love & will add this to my Forgiving Fridays update on Friday. Peace, ease and joy to you as well. Blessings.

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