A home with no walls

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Image created by Josiah Harry of Skylarity

Have you ever been in a home like this?
There are close to 50 people in there.
Yet the experience is such that all there is, is space.
Like there are no walls to that home.
The whole universe seems to have opened up …or maybe the home has opened to the space of the Universe.
I was there with a friend who took me to that home. I didn’t know anyone else.
Everyone was so silent and just spacious within …they were just being their pure being.
If eyes met, the most heartful smiles came.
Regulars just melted into purest, warmest hugs …as if knowing what is to be received and/or given.
I venture into the ‘speaking’ area (the living room). You come here if you wish to converse.
Everyone just pure divine energy.
No name, no game, no status, no apparatus, no conclusion, no exclusion.
Isn’t this why we visit temples?
Here each person I spoke to was a temple visited.
I was immersed in the most precious ways of being and conveying and receiving and giving.
Without giving or receiving a thing that I can hold on to.
Yet what was given and received is part of me for this lifetime.
The food served, to be eaten in silence, was just one of the ingredients of nourishment.

We walk around with so many walls …of our name, profession, our beliefs, concepts.
These walls are so much a necessity to bang on, as we keep living.
But what felt like life itself was the perception of no walls.
We walk around striving to be normal …or striving to be extra ordinary.
But what we are, are pure miraculous specks of being.
I am in awe of how these experiences become possible for me …as I keep waking up to a new day of wonder …of what I know are pure soul interactions on a daily basis, just so perfectly waiting to happen.
I began writing on this blog platform with the concept called Infinite Living,
Not knowing it is actually being lived so profoundly …
I left knowing that I will always be supported in my strive to embody Infinite Living.

P.S. This post is dedicated with gratitude to Awakin Circles of ServiceSpace. I am grateful to my friend with whom I spent one evening here.


24 thoughts on “A home with no walls

  1. The takeaway, for me, centered on the following: “No name, no game, no status, no apparatus, no conclusion, no exclusion.” My heart tells me that this is exactly what the world needsβ€””temples” without wallsβ€”existing in an economy of love. Thank you, PD!

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  2. An inspiring message, Pragalbha! As always, so beautifully portrayed. Even your write up speaks of the serenity and the peace you experienced that evening. The very knowledge of the many walls that we confine our self within is a step to realization. I am ever so glad that your prose gave me enough reason to think about it. Thank you for sharing, Pragalbha!

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  3. The description of this home brought to me the picture of our minds. We meet so many people, and we carry them with us in our hearts, still there’s room for more. There’s always room. This is a great post. God bless you!
    And oh, great picture!!!

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  4. seems like a place to be……..forever! we have got the whole architecture wrong…….we need egos in walls and our hearts open….. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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