Bound Being, Free Being …with more clarity

You are not bound
You are not free
You are the lock
You are the key

You are the thought
You see but you are not
You are the one
That can see that thought

You are the Being
You think you are the Doing
Doing from the feeling
Feeling from the meaning

Do the doing that sets you free
Do take a step back and see
If the doing you can’t help doing
Is actually not You fleeing

Be the Being
Bound and Free
You are the lock
You are the key

(Originally posted on October 25, 2015 )

Dear amazing readers,
This poem came to me, what feels like, a lifetime ago. From a very deep place of digesting and meaning and feeling. I wish to share it again as it comes asΒ a fresh experience to me today. There is a qualitative difference in the way we feel in life when you are ‘doing’ something to get something vs. ‘being’ something to find something. My mind went back to this poem as I listened to a podcast from Skylarity.

Please share your thoughts on my poem and then go the following link to listen to an elaborate description of what the difference in ‘doing’ vs ‘being’ looks like, in every aspect of life.

Infinite Living is about linking to those infinite energies at work that propel us to the infinite goodness of all of humanity.

23 thoughts on “Bound Being, Free Being …with more clarity

  1. Pragalbha! I am trying to post my comment here but I do not know if it gets posted. Your blog is asking my details like my name and site. Let me see if it gets posted I have put all the details.
    Actually I am traveling and posting from my smartphone.

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  2. This is ridiculous again it is asking me to do this,I shall, only to make you know this.
    I cannot even put my like here. No sooner it wants to take me to some place where in I have to give the details and it does not appear.
    This has happened to me so many times on your blog. You may parse check.

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    • I am so extremely sorry for the trouble and grateful for the efforts you are taking. I have checked my settings and they are good. I think this happens once in a while, I am not sure why. Not having your thoughts on my post is truly my loss …

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  3. Damn! such depths and so true……….i instantly fell in love with these lines
    “You are not bound
    You are not free
    You are the lock
    You are the key”
    there lies the whole mystery of being……………master stroke! absolutely loved it! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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