When innocence thinks deep

Last year I had posted the following from my then 10 year old son: His innocent reflection on his journey of acceptance about being the shortest around, for his age.

Tall & Small

This week he said to me “Mom, I have 3 poems that I have written on some of my experiences. Can I have my own blog site to publish them?” I promised him that for now I would publish them on my site. If you have any thoughts on his work, please let him know 🙂

Do you really have so much work

Or do you just feel you have too much work

Do you have so much work

Or are you fooling around with mirth.


Do you really have so much work

Or are you just going with a quirk

Did you ever have too much work

Or do you just at your desk lurk


Do you wish you didn’t have any work

And just acting like a jerk


Don’t worry about how much

Keep focus and work as much

Don’t bother or struggle as such

Just be done and play as much


Think good!

When you think about something bad
You might just feel very sad
When you don’t think about something good
You won’t be in a good mood.

If you think that it’s sad
You might get really mad
If you think of something that’s great
You might have a better fate.

 When you always think bad
You may not be known as a good lad
If you think that it will be good
It probably surely would.



 Fun time?

When you’re doing something fun

You don’t want to be done

When you’re doing something boring

You would rather be snoring.


When you’re doing something fun

You can’t tell when you should be done

When you’re doing something you don’t enjoy

Your time just doesn’t go by


When you’re doing something you like

It feels like you’re riding a bike

When you don’t feel like doing something

It feels better to go take a hike

_ By Sanved Doshi, 11 yrs.



P.S. Sanved is very happy to make this post a contribution to ForgivingFridays, a wonderful blog by dear Debbie.

46 thoughts on “When innocence thinks deep

  1. This is WONDERFUL! I love your son’s poem. Please tell Sanved that I think he’s really talented and to KEEP GOING 🙂
    If you like, please feel free to contribute this post for Forgiving Fridays. As a reminder, all you need to do is a pingback to my post from this Friday (https://forgivingconnects.com/2017/04/14/todays-forgiving-fridays-compassion-and-my-mom/ ) and to include #ForgivingFridays in your tags.
    Anyway, up to you! I love it! May the blessings enfold you and your son — Debbie

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  2. this was inevitable, i think you should make him his own blog. I was 14 when i wrote my first, and i was 16 when i finished my first and only novel. My parents knew about it when i was 18. and that too i had to tell them, because i was given a big ass trophy because of that, which i did not know how to hide. well, if only i had had the support and published, So all i am trying to say is get him his blog ASAP!
    cute honest and well rhymed! loved them all! 🙂 🙂

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  4. Way to go, buddy. These poems remind me of my poems when I was your age about seven years ago. Your ideas and pictures behind the words can be developed into such beautiful verses. Work on it and never see it as a challenge but as a joy. Pour your heart out. Looking forward to seeing your books on the stands. God bless you.. . .

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