Truthfulness, kindness & the dumbness of it all!

My latest post before this is about Untruthfulness. A long time reader brought to my attention that exactly same day, an year ago, I had done a post on Truthfulness. I remember how vulnerable and courageous I felt while doing that post 🙂 I am sharing it again as I feel elated at how much growing up and ease happened to me, in one year, to be in this space.

Infinite Living

There’s some of us who have conditioned ourselves to the habit of truthfulness and kindness. I am talking about the kind of truthfulness that is hardcore and from the heart. The kind that doesn’t succumb to some of the pretentiousness of society. The kind that is very boldly but good-heartedly ready to sacrifice the niceties required to sustain a liaison for certain benefits.

It’s either my truth and your truth agree with each other or you are free to find someone else that works for you and I can move on too. It’s not how some of the world works though. A lot of times it is about having personal agendas that are secretive and communications are everything but that. The idea is to get the idea of what could be extracted of another person. Nothing wrong with it for some of us …if you are upfront about what it is that…

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