Each time you place your feet on earth
Each time you stand, in a different stance
Each time you take a step
There’s always one more

Each time you lay your back
Each time you line your spine on earth
Each time you rest and release
There’s always a place

Each time you just be
Each time you think you know
Each time you take a breath
There’s always one more

Feel and Know
Steady and Ease
Long and Luxurious
There’s always one more

Until there is none …
There’s never another like you
Ever known …

Use this for life itself or apply as your intention to your yoga practice, as you traverse through different postures using your body and your breath. This is a commentary that interspersed a yoga class I led this week. I am grateful for this inspiration that came to me. Trust is now even more a felt part of me.


26 thoughts on “Trust!

  1. You are so right.. it happens in yoga very much.. when the body becomes flexible as we think, we realize it..there is one more step..bend down a little more, something which we hear in yoga classes

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  3. When your physical being is in harmony with your inner self, the feeling is of absolute bliss! Yoga is so much more than a form of physical exercise.
    A beautiful depiction of the same, Pragalbha, loved the flow and essence of this poem.

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  4. trust can make wonders……..we have that answer, that confidence and that capability all within us……we need to trust……the process, the universe and above all we need to trust our selves…..loved this!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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