Love broken down to …Basics

Love hurts … Lack of it certainly does hurt a lot …So love yourself a lot more!

Wish to say it all again, so posting again …kindly share your thoughts on the same.

Infinite Living

This is the story and journey of Love …the way I understand it, some of it through my own living and some of it through others. See if you find yourself somewhere there, all of it or none of it because you just were born great in this tricky area of life!

Love is felt deep and love is felt light. It is also felt in its lack. It is felt in absence and in presence. It is present when you are aware and when you are unaware.

For a long time I lived as if love exists only to be received from others, in the form of words, thoughts, feelings, actions, gifts, gestures. I also discovered that one way to find peace from hurt through people is looking at them through the lens of love – putting their actions and words that hurt me, in a big bellied pot…

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2 thoughts on “Love broken down to …Basics

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