Times that become the year


Gratitude 2016
For the rich, sometimes dark
The perfect roast of aliveness
(Are you talking of my coffee?
Asked a curious good friend
Adding a touch of funny sweetness)
For the amazing, sometimes confusing
All of them the beautiful times

Gratitude 2016
For the moments of laughter precious
Tears that washed away the vicious
Anger, sadness, agony too, I admit
For the endurance through it all, a gift
For the people I can only begin to list

Gratitude 2016
For all the sortin’ and the siftin’
Of all my wishes for the coming 17
Wishes of some conquests and quests
Of finding rest in best of self
And the best in slowness and rests
Heights of glory in mind & beyond mind
Happiness and joys of true kind

Gratitude in advance 2017
For everything I know will be fulfilled
That’s the faith I got from ’16
Ask, dream, believe, it comes
Cherish, relish, receive when it does come

All of you who touched me
With your kind presence or energy
Of your words, wishes, thoughts & gesture
No difference to me real world or virtual
I hold all of you in my intention & asking
To find peace and love and infinite living
In the year of 2017


31 thoughts on “Times that become the year

  1. a deserving thank you and a beautiful welcome……..if we have survived the past with hope preserved……..we are prepared enough………Happy New Year!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  2. This is gorgeous…. so much wisdom, love and inspiration! I particularly love this and am so happy for you:
    Gratitude in advance 2017
    For everything I know will be fulfilled
    That’s the faith I got from ’16
    Ask, dream, believe, it comes
    Cherish, relish, receive when it does come

    Love, my friend — Debbie

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  3. Hey I hope you doing good. Thank you for the support you’ve given for my previous blog: Playing with words and I’m coming up with it’s site now expecting the same support. I am working on my new website and coming up readily with it this month. I would be glad if you be my guest writer. You will be given full credits of your work and I’ll send you link showing up your post under your name on my website once I finish setting up my site. My categories are: Short story, poetry, any real life incident or story, technology or lifestyle article. You can mail me at writekavita27@gmail.com if interested. Expecting an early response. Happy new year. Stay blessed. Keep writing. Have a nice day πŸ™‚

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    • I wish you progressive success with your new beginnings this new year. I look forward to seeing your brand new website!
      I will be very happy to be a contribution to your site. I will send you an email in the next couple of days.
      Thank you for approaching me. Have an amazing day ahead!

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  5. Based on the 2018 NYE post, I’m guessing 2016 was better for you than 2017. Seems like we had total roll reversals, 2016 was easily the worst year of my life, experienced so much pain I’d never wish onto anyone, but am glad it all happened, because I learned so much and it brought me to one of the best years of my life 2017. Again, wishing you a happy new year my dear friend!

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    • Thank you so much for reading so deeply into both my years’ poems, and reflecting back to me your observations πŸ™‚ 2017 was a surprising and cleansing kind, painful very much, yet leaving me so much grateful for what it left of me. You are right we learn a lot from such. Your experience assures me to look forward to the goodness of 2018 and I am curious to find out πŸ™‚ Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness and wishes, my friend!

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