Those moments of noisy silence

What is it that blocks my sense
What is this deafening silence

I probe for words or thoughts
There are none but some knots

So much noise yet no sound
Within or without nothing around

Heart is open, head gnawing to know
What is the lesson here lying low

I have opened my mouth big enough
Who do I turn to when feeling rough

What do I say when I ask for help
Do not have a story to the drama to yelp

There is no reason, still wish relief
No other responsible, probablyΒ some of my belief

Is there anyone else out there
Who knows this stuck brick in the head

I realize that the best advice I give to myself
Is when I am talking to others like myself

I better listen carefully when I talk next
For now maybe I’ll take a walk or rest

20 thoughts on “Those moments of noisy silence

  1. i know exactly what you are talking about……….i can shell out reasons and advice by kilos every second…….but when it comes to me….nothing sticks………..its like a trap……set up by self…… know how to get out…..but somehow couldn’t…….i hope i am making sense…….
    btw……..beautiful poem……….absolutely loved it……and i usually watch a movie instead…….! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  2. I understand this poem, the emotions and the sense of unresolved or a not yet validated- flow. This line here says to me it is validation needed-

    “I realize that the best advice I give to myself
    Is when I am talking to others like myself”

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  3. So beautifully you described it. Yes it happens sometimes loudest sound is sound of silence and to shut it off we ran towards the crowd of people or call someone , read or do anything to stop it.
    You yourself are such an awesome poet Pragal! Glad to connect with you!

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