What’s more pure?

This poem is a thought process that unfolded while I was immersed in this exact setting, on a beautiful day, lounging under the sky, admiring the mountains, when a crow flew by …

What’s more pure?
Clear blue or the flawless floating whites

Mountains unwavered green and grand
Winds blowing and flowing
Sunlight bright yet gentle on land
Sky is blue, clouds white floating

What’s more pure?
Clear blue or the flawless floating whites

The contrast of a black, a crow flying
Flight through the expanse taking
Like a sticky thought across my mind
Takes a rightful stroll of a kind
All my attention vying
The grand green mountain dutiful
Says it is only a distraction beautiful

The crow has flown away
The whites floated away
The blue feels clarity, also my mind
The whites though had a purity of a kind
Like the thoughts that pervade at times
When in a state of joy or love sublime

What’s more pure?
Clear blue or the flawless floating whites

40 thoughts on “What’s more pure?

    • I exactly remember the thought the crow represents on the slate of clear consciousness of my mind. I was in this perfect setting to absorb and immerse, and this sticky thought won’t leave me. Two contrasting experiences happening simultaneously within me. The stickiness is still wearing off in fact.
      It is mind blowing to notice how our inner world is directly reflected out there! This conversation with you today made it very clearly evident to me.

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      • That is so awesome! Our consciousness is very clearly on display metaphorically in nature.

        That is kind of the fundamental thought underpinning the New World ascending. If our thought changes fundamentally, then our world must change along with it. If we fully reunite with the Infinite, what a wonderful world this could be.

        If only you knew what a crow represents spiritually. Your depiction and what you tied it to is spot on.

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        • So awesome I agree, yet so incredible!
          The New World Ascending is becoming evident at different levels to me.
          My feeling of the spiritual meaning of crow is ‘insight’ (I am not well read on this), yet my immediate reading of the crow was a beautiful distraction(the sticky thought) that is not aligned with my path. So together they confuse me. Maybe either way they are a contrast pointing me back to the same thing.

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          • Birds are representative of different spiritual influences. The dove, for example, with its soft cooing and strength in flight is often associated with the Spirit of the Most High.

            The crow, on the other hand, with its scavenger tendencies and dark plumage is linked to much darker spirits, which tend to hold on to us and keep us in bondage to lower concepts.

            Now that I think about it, doves fly much higher than crows generally.

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