Imperfect Perfections

Ever walked into an elementary school science fair
To find some perfect ones and some that are made by kids?
Now which exactly is perfection there?

Ever had a long time dream come true?
A feeling of contentment it brings …
But also have a more nascent one stirring inside you?
A tinge of anxiousness it brings …
Now whereΒ exactly is perfection there?

Ever wanted to go soak in a hot tub, overlooking majestic mountains?
Wished it was blue, clear with the perfect weather…
But it rains, turns cold, just more beautiful too?
You go anyway and soak in the warm waters, with the rain drenching from above
You lose yourself and the senses in the warm and the cold together…
Now which exactly is perfection there?

Ever dream of a perfect family as you grow old
2 doting kids, maybe grandkids some…
Not too close, not too far …
Spend life to control and make that happen?
Or look at each relations as infinite souls
Finding their way to being whole…
You be in their highest support
Now which is perfection there?

Humanness is the richness of life
Infiniteness is the measure of joy
As we dabble in each
Humanness comes with no choice
It’s the other that is a conscious choice
Now which is perfection there?

Perfection is in the imperfections
Perfection is in the timing and the design
Perfection is the experience when we let go
Express as if a contribution to the divine flow
Perfection and imperfection
What is what anymore I don’t know!


31 thoughts on “Imperfect Perfections

      • Yes.

        I never desire moksh ( nirvaana ).
        Life is a journey and the ‘journey’ is more entertaining than the ‘destination’.

        “Its very lonely at the Top” !!

        “Moksh” is the state of being totally annihilated…”sarvnaash”….plus and minus ZERO….ceasing to exist.

        What is use of “achieving” something if one is NOT there to celebrate , has already cased to exist…. !!

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        • I truly appreciate you reflecting back this to me. It gives me a sense of peace and joy that helps me keep going. It is important to have reminders time and again that it is all about the journey …because once you reach the destination you are done!

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  1. I loved the words and the deep philosophy behind them, PD! I too don’t see perfection as a tangible goal, for it remains a constantly changing variable…but yes, it can be found within, in those little moments of joyful experiences which we often tend to ignore as insignificant.

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