Life itself or a dream …

Life is either a dream
Or this a dream come true
We talked about this, ago a decade
Comes true, milestone as we celebrate
Silent Stay Retreat though the name
Heartful conversations part of our game
Lounging under the sky and the moon
Soaking in the rain, silence of the meditation room,
Hammocks, happiness, gifts of gratitude
Expansive views, long walks on trails
Thoughts and ideas from heart set sail
Blissed and blessed
May the memories serve when stressed
Life is either a dream
Or this a dream come true.

A dear friend and I talked since long about taking time out from being busy moms, for a weekend retreat, to nourish the infinite beings in us. That dream came true to celebrate our soon approaching birthdays, not far apart 🙂 Infinite gratitude for this time to come to us, sooner than we imagined possible!

21 thoughts on “Life itself or a dream …

      • You have doubt that i have not read all of yours, then let me check

        i would love to do so…time and again…expression of every emotions with me would be treated as bonding to tune in to blissful frequency…you are most welcome to express what ever you feel like…the way i dont hesitate with you..

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          • I am sure you will receive record breaking notification one fine day that too all from me on rest of your posts… hahaha if any ? (love to have some pending at same time).

            I would go deep down in every corner of your blog and complete my home work very soon.

            Thanks for accepting the friendship of Sudama.

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            • 🙂 🙂 🙂 …I think I will love that day, as my older posts at the beginning of my blog, have come out of lot of courage to be here and express myself.
              You give me too much high regard …I am actually most ordinary who becomes the best in response to the best …so friendship is my pleasure and treasure 🙂
              Btw I have a new post yesterday 🙂

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              • Today, now I decided to read some of your posts . Reading is fine but while commenting it’s difficult. I know I am using mobile app for reading and commenting, but it ask for login credentials time and again.

                Though I reply to you from my comment section then there never have been any problem.

                Any way I will try from laptop some other time. Sorry don’t want to bother you for any issue.

                Thanks I will come out with any solution for it.

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                • Actually when you are commenting from your blog, you are already signed in. When you are accessing my blog from mobile opp, you are not signed in, just any viewer or visitor to that page. That is why you need to sign in …even if I visit my own page from my mobile app, I need to sign in every time.
                  No bother, no worries 🙂
                  I feel really humbled that you really taking the time and going through my past blogs …thank you so much for the joy …I really mean it.

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