Beauty is when …

Beauty is when a lot of happiness shows on your face
Explore this in every time and space

Start with a look into your own eyes for any trace
Make the mirror a friendly place

Look deep through those round peep holes
Find yourself looking back at you, with joy or remorse

If remorse there is, fill your heart with love and pour
Your eyes will glisten, with pride or tears

If tears there is, let them flow
Over that face while you still look with love

That’s how beauty will follow
As you feel it as joy within you

Now use those joyful eyes for seeing
The beauty in each and every way of Being

It’s the look on the artist’s face
About to creating beloved art

And then each one in every place
Is an artist in one’s own space
As we pick the next moment with a choice from heart!

Beauty emerges from a place of courageousness
Or then from simple heartfelt joyfulness
Beauty is when a lot of happiness shows on your face!


13 thoughts on “Beauty is when …

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  2. I think what struck me the most is when you “insisted” that Beauty is still there even with remorse or less then happy. It takes a very mature person to understand this. I really contemplated on your words a lot these past 2 days. Thank you for sharing your ❤️.

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