Breathe life


While significantly playing our roles on earth …parent, son/daughter, employee/employer, relator/related in every/any possible way …somewhere we are always trying to connect with the individual in us. We are trying to make sense about what brings pain and joy. To make choices that work for us best.

If we are not giving any regard, during the day, to the fact that we are breathing …how else are we, in any more effective way, connecting with ourselves? We came in alive on earth with our first breath in and we will leave when we last breathe out. If we are not cultivating a full breath, then in a way, we are limiting our possibilities at anything that is called life or life-related. We are cutting short the supply of life force itself, that which propels anything out of us. We put daily demands on our body with such enormous expectations.The quality of our breath determines our experience in our body and life. If we work with our breath, the breath will work for us, for  lifetime.

When we are forcing, resisting, feeling like nothing works in our favor, not even in our body …it is our turn to work with our body and life. Allow it, nurture it, nourish it, communicate with it. Bring your attention to effective methods and cycles of breath, so that it flows in and out, empty of thinking …and then it is available for the messages from the body. They are not very logical, mental messages in words, they are more intuitive cues that feel more relaxed from within. They lead you towards more integration and choices more in harmony of your being.


12 thoughts on “Breathe life

  1. Having done this myself, when I turned to the method you are suggesting as my last resort, it did help. As if God guided me to it in the disguise of a last resort. I can totally relate

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  2. Hi Pragalbha,

    You wrote intresting post by taking a step towards infinite living. Let us float like fish in the water . We feel floating in the the space we live in. Air is within us and out side the body.
    Breath is life driving force which connects body and mind. Every single breath in is source of energy same breath allows us to take rest.
    Breath indicates our state of being . It’s rhythm keeps on changing along with our emotions at present moment.

    Mantra to live in present moment is to focus on your breath. The moment you take your attention to breath it brings you to here and the now.

    All breathing technics by practice help us to restore good health both mentally and physically. Breathing exercise prepares you for meditation.

    Meditation is nothing but awareness for atmosphere around for your body as whole and for your thoughts. Once you aware for all these 3 level . You are ready to meet the real self.

    When you witness your thoughts You allow to settle them down and you enter into the realm for silence . Where nothing exists than nothingness.

    Annmay Kosha is Body
    Breath is pranamay Kosha
    Mind is vigyan may Kosha and monomay Kosha
    Beyond mind is your sub total understanding about your ownself is ego and beyond that is your real self . It’s soul/spirit or nothingness.

    Once you identify yourself as your real self it’s like finding god within then everybody else is also manifestation of God. That makes entire universe as one.

    Hence things are inter related you pick one rest others also seek your attention for to revealed.

    Thanks Pragalbha

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    • Thank you for the treasure trove of knowledge that you contributed to Infinite Living. Breathe life and Be Here & Now …I like the idea of fish in the sea …live like submerged in the life force, living and breathing in it.
      Thank you for your time and attention to my thought process.


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